Friday, August 13, 2010

I say it's my birthday. I'm gonna have a good time.

It's my 42nd birthday today. 

I'm kind of excited.  Guardedly so.  It's been a pretty crummy year couple of years decade life year what with the no job and exploding debt and now this stupid going on 4 weeks long bout of bronchitis, but I'm focusing on the positive.  I am, as my daughter reminded me, living the year of the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.

So, the positive:
  1. I have an amazing daughter
  2. I have a husband who loves me
  3. I have family that is there for me
  4. I have friends who care for me
  5. I have fun with my family and my friends
  6. I have cats who love to sit with me
  7. I am smart
  8. I am kind
  9. I am generous
  10. I am focused
  11. I am saucy
  12. I am funny. Dammit.
  13. I make excellent cookies.
  14. I make even better chicken noodle soup
  15. I make awesomely hilarious cross stitches
  16. I make really inappropriate jokes
  17. I make people comfortable when they are ill at ease
  18. I have a home 
  19. I have a little garden
  20. I have my books
  21. I have my photos
  22. I have come to actually enjoy eating oatmeal for breakfast
  23. I am taking my medication and it is helping me
  24. I am exercising and it is helping me
  25. I am fearless [about some things]
  26. I am loving my curly hair
  27. I am pretty beautiful
  28. I am using Twitter and having fun with it
  29. I have made friends through Twitter
  30. I have made friends through the internets
  31. I have been writing
  32. I have had people show an interest in my writing
  33. I really like when I get to practice law
  34. I really like being able to watch every episode of Scrubs back to back to back to back . . . 
  35. I really like that Andygirl and I took a germ of an idea and created the Raw Photos Contest
  36. I really like having spent this summer enjoying unlimited time with my daughter
  37. I still love learning
  38. I still love reading
  39. I still love dancing
  40. I still love laughing
  41. I still love trying new things
  42. I am learning to love myself.  Every bit of myself.
So that's my birthday.  Yay me!


  1. Happy Birthday! You have so much positive in your life! Good for you.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love this post!
    You kick ass (you forgot that one)!

  3. Excellent list! Hope you had a happy day!

  4. Happy Birthday- don't forget that you are 'Swirly Fabulous" too!

  5. Happy belated birthday! As you know full well, August 13 is the best! I hope this year is a wonderful one for you, filled with positives.

  6. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Between this, Twitter, Facebook and "real life", I've felt quite loved!

  7. Yay you, indeed. Happy (belated) birthday!


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