Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunch Time!

The girl is back to school.

She's in middle school.

I've been thinking about lunch.  Not just because I'm hungry.

I've been thinking about this because these are the years when food issues really start manifesting and I, as a worrier, worry about this.

Thus far, she's been fine. I've been pretty adamant about not saying things like "That's a bad food" or "I'm being bad by eating a cookie".  Food is food.  Eat healthy food, and you'll be o.k. It makes sense, right?  Eat the cookie if you want it, but don't think of it as evil.  Enjoy it.  Enjoy yourself.

I know that I was not the best at eating, particularly during my junior high and high school years.  I was not bulimic or anorexic [although one of my aunts was CONVINCED I was and asked me every time she saw me].  I was thin and in good shape because I waited tables 3 days a week from age 15 on, and didn't eat much but didn't really think about food or portion control or denying myself anything.  I ate when I was hungry.  Fine, right?

Except . . . 

What was going on was that for many years, the person I ate lunch with had major food issues.  It was funny, then, but now I realize that splitting a two-pack of cupcakes and drinking a Diet Coke was probably not the best lunch.  And it never occurred to me to do anything about it for myself or for her.  I never brought lunch, and we could go off campus, but our trip was generally to the party store for Diet Coke and some sort of sugar snack.  Not that a trip to a fast food restaurant or a pizza place would have been much better.

Back to the girl - she's taken her lunch to school probably 90% of her school life.  And, except for a few Lunchables-filled weeks during her 2nd grade year [and for that, I don't know who to blame - peer pressure? I had never bought them until she started lobbying] she takes really healthy food.  She's actually eating it, now, too! 

But I worry, still, because I know that this is the time when things change.  So I keep talking and keep trying to think of delicious lunches she can have.  And I'm out of ideas.  Also, good breakfasts.  Because mine is always oatmeal, and she is not a fan.

Any ideas?



** Raw Photos Contest, people!  Take a photo, enter the contest, it'll be fun!

** I hate George Stephanopolous.  So smug.  And you know why? What my sticking point is? That he was a Clinton acolyte and then turned and dumped on them in order to get ahead. I dislike that.  Loyalty, my friend.  That's where it's at.


  1. I have nothing amusing to say -- the food issue thing weighs on me (oh, bad pun. Sorry.). I have two girls, 14 and 11 and it's the drum I bang: eat healthy, treat your body kindly, move it, etc. Hopefully they'll learn the lessons long before I ever did....

    As for breakfast, it's the meal I personally hate the most. So I do a lot of "regular" food -- soups, sandwiches, wraps, quesadillasm etc. How would that go over?

    And I'm pranking on Glenn L. Beck today, but I don't see it making any dent....too small of a rational fish in a big ol' pond of crazy. Or something.

  2. Alyson - It's amazing, isn't it, how often you have to keep banging that drum?

    I hadn't thought of doing regular food. I like that idea. I think it could work.

    OH! I like your prankee. I'm definitely going to do that, and I'll link as much as I can.

  3. I never had any food issues as a teen, but plenty of my friends did over the years. especially when I worked in fashion (ironically, that when I weighed the most). I've always enjoyed food way too much. does the girl like cereal? I hate oatmeal, but have always gone for the healthier cereals. I prefer crunch to mush.


  4. Andygirl - isn't it weird how many people you run across who had food issues? And by weird, I mean awful.

    The girl likes cereal, so she eats that pretty much every day. I'd like to get variety in her diet. Because I have nothing else to think about!

  5. Food.
    Hard one for me, both parents were in food related work and now my daughter and I own the family restaurant.

    I remember going to my Grandmother's every summer with my cousin. She was always overweight. Our summer vacation was always a diet retreat. Counting calories, no sweets, no seconds at meals.
    It took me years to realize I wasn't obese. I still worry every time I gain weight, which I have recently and am having "I'm not happy with me" issues.
    Conversly, my daughter is overweight, has been since middle school. I didn't step in enough because of my own memories. However, she feels her grandmother (my mother) was part of her problem. I seldom kept cookies or ice cream, but my mom did. Daughter was told she could have whatever she wanted. Then Mom started to harp on her weight. I'm pretty sure the mixed signals didn't help.
    We keep supporting each other as best we can.

  6. Renee, You know, it's funny how much food and love combine to create problems - thinking you're overweight or not doing enough to make good choices. So frustrating. I hope that we can keep making each other feel better about ourselves.

  7. I used to wash down Hostess snacks with diet pop after school in HS too! Before tennis practice or a meet. Then I went to college & stopped eatting regular meals & found out I'm hypoglycemic. Now I'm a nosher. I graze all day. I'm fine as long as I eat every couple of hours.

    My kid is SKINNY. He eats enough to grow (that's the dr's big concern). He worries that he is fat. Drives me insane. I work so hard on "everything in moderation."

  8. My kids lives on pb&j for school. Sometimes I put cheese slices in one bag & Triscuts in another. He will eat cold grilled cheese. Sorry no great ideas.

  9. GrandeMocha - Evidently all the cool high school kids did it!

    I hate that kids have such an inability to see what they look like, and to be ok with themselves.

    The girl was talking about cold grilled cheese - we can give it a try.


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