Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've been listening to audiobooks lately, and in the one I'm listening to now [Death of a Gentle Lady, by M.C. Beaton], something arresting caught my attention.  It takes a bit to catch my attention - I tend to zone in and out when I'm listening and driving.

What caught my attention?

This phrase:

. . . two women, in their late forties . . .

Why did it catch my attention?

Because I am a woman in my early forties, and for a second, I thought, "Late forties? That's kind of old . . . wait . . .  that's nearly how old I am . . . wait . . . how the hell did that happen?"

I am not a person who thinks her best years are behind her.  Or who quaked at turning 40 [or even turning 30, for that matter].  But I AM a woman who tends to forget how old she is, and also to forget that not everyone thinks of age the same way.  Which is a pity, because I worry for people who discount their later years - there will hopefully be a hell of a lot more of them than your early years.  Get cracking!

[I am also not that person who wears age-inappropriate clothing.  I do tend to wear age-inappropriate nail polish, but come one.  We all have our issues.] 

Another example of me not recognizing my age?  Deciding what to be for Halloween.  Check out my latest list at Secret Society of List Addicts!


  1. Do you find that you think of yourself as still in your 20's? That's what happens to me. Until some random joint starts to hurt. And since I'm ONLY in my mid 50's, that hurting thing seems unfair.

  2. I'm so with you! I know I'm in my 40s but I feel like I'm still in my late 20s. Maybe that's why my taste in men tends to skew towards the younger Bendy Boys?

  3. I'm in my late 20's still. Joints and muscles are starting to hurt all the time and I'm told it just gets worse. Whoopee.

  4. I'm turning 36 this week. I'm not afraid of 40. I did NOT like 25. Or 35. you check a new 'box' on those surveys, without really hitting some crazy milestone age.

  5. today someone had the audacity to say, "forty is the new thirty." and all i could think was, "yeah, thirty sucked too."


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