Wednesday, October 27, 2010


* Lighter colored nail polish dries 77% faster than dark colors.

* Men with the name Wayne [first or middle] are either serial killers or perverts.

* The theme to Chuck "Short Skirt/Long Jacket" by Cake is awesome.

* Caramel cake is so tasty you'd better believe you're going to have a piece, even though it makes your stomach hurt later.

* Looking for dining room furniture is a pain in the ass, because there is nothing about a dining room set that makes your heart go pitter pat, but it's a hefty investment, so you WANT to feel like you've fallen in love, but basically it's a long piece of wood with some chairs that you hope are comfortable enough to sit in for the duration of a meal.

* It's o.k. to be annoyed with people who sneeze more than twice.  They're just doing it for the attention.

* I'm going to drop down to 5 days a week of posting. 

* Leave your crooked pictures alone.  This will drive one of your friends crazy and then they'll fix it and feel like they've accomplished something and you don't have to spend your time trying to make everything level.  Every body wins!


  1. Have you seen the film Happy, Texas? There's a hilarious character played by Steve Zahn whose name is Wayne Wayne Wayne, Jr.

  2. I'm the crooked picture girl. I can't stand it when pictures are all askew.

  3. haha - makes me think of how chipper jones's real name is larry wayne. that's how we taunted him when he came to DC with the braves. now that you mention it, he does kinda look like a serial killer...

  4. Love it! I've never met a Wayne I liked or thought wasn't a pervert or serial killer, or some combination of the two...

  5. Awesome! You forgot to include guys named Carl (also creepy)...unless that's your spouse's name in which case I'm totally joking!
    Never thought about dining room furniture like that but it is so so true! It's like buying a new dishwasher, you know you need it and you want it to look nice but you're never going to fall in love and think "now I'm complete" like you totally do with a new couch or new pair of boots.

  6. My dad's name is Wayne, but I wouldn't call him a "serial" killer.

  7. serial sneezers make me want to punch things.

  8. I dated a girl once who would sneeze at least four or five times in a row. Like, multiple times a day. She claimed it was caused by an allergy to the sun. WTF? Attention whore.


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