Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Honest to god

It's like I'm congenitally unable to actually finish whatever it is I'm currently doing before I start on the next thing on my list.  For example: Write thank you cards - I will address them all and then stop and do something else and then go back to writing them out and then.  THEN! When I am on my last card I will suddenly SWITCH to the next task.  Because why? I don't know.

I'm still holding on to the card.  It's right in front of me.  But now I'm googling information on what I can use to replace buttermilk in a recipe [hint: you can make your OWN buttermilk by adding vinegar to regular milk, but that's too science experiment-y for me, so I just don't make the recipe]. And then I have to get up and find the stupid eye glass cleaner wipes because I can't see out of my filthy, filthy glasses [seriously, it's like my eyeballs spew oil] and then I sit down again and THERE IT IS.  The card.  That I still haven't written. 

So of course, I immediately remember that I have to print something, except I fucking hate printing stuff like you would not believe.  A white hot hate.  A hate that would melt your face like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.  A hate that . . . why, you ask?  Because my laptop isn't hooked up to a printer and we don't have wireless printing [because we are in the dark ages and are really, really uncool] and I have to UNPLUG and MOVE my computer and slide my chair about 3 feet across to the girl's desk where there is a printer and then I have to PLUG IN the printer and then -

Ugh.  Forget it.  Too exhausting.

It's a wonder someone hasn't put me out of my misery.


  1. We can't do that. What would we read?

  2. At least you remember what you were doing on the same day. I count that as a plus.

  3. I do the same thing. I cannot finish one thing before I remember I have something else to do. It sucks.


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