Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Post. Because I Love.

So I FINALLY managed to load Snow Loepard on my MacBook. Which then served to make my Internet all wonky. Or maybe that's just AT&T's fault. Yeah. That's probably it.

Anyway, what this means is I am currently posting from my iPhone. Because I love you guys & ant to stay in touch. Also, I'm needy.

So, a series of questions I hope you'll answer. I live for your comments. Seriously. It's kind of sad.

1. Best tv show buddies? (I have to say Turk & JD from "Scrubs")
2. Most overhyped tv show? (Mad Men. I don't get it.)
3. The use of "u" in words like colour. Pretentious? Or fun?
4. Your favorite/most despised font. (Bookman. Or Engravers.)
5. Least preferable exam: Dental? Gyno? Essay?
6. And finally, snow or sun?

So let me know what you think. I get inordinately excited when people comment.



  1. And I loves you too!

    1. Booth and Brennan. Bones (crime drama)

    2. Any reality show.

    3. British

    4. I really don't know

    5. Gyno. Ack!

    6. Yes

  2. 1. Hm. Rory and Lorelai Gilmore? I don't even like the show that much but their witty banter gets me.
    2. LOST
    3. British. Therefore, it is pretentious. (If you're British, I'm totally kidding.)
    4. Comic Sans
    5. Chemistry. I say this with some authority as I just took one an hour ago. Eek!
    6. Definitely sun.

  3. You dislike Mad Men? I may need to unfollow.

    My fave duo would be Abed and Troy on Community.

  4. Oooh, a quiz, this is fun!
    1) Michael & Dwight (Le Office)
    2) Lost. I'm just so...lost.
    3) Fun! Especially when said with a british accent! But also confusing. And makes me look stupid.
    4) This is hilarious. Any font that looks like cursive.
    5) Dental, all the way.
    6. Sun, baby. Unless it's apres-ski and involves alcohol.

  5. 1) hawkeye and BJ, M*A*S*H.
    2) LOST! totally, no question, it was lost. good LORD.
    3) depends on the word. "color" is fine, but "savior" looks funny without the u in it.
    4) favorite: optima; least favorite: COMIC SANS!
    5) dental. but only because my reward for drinking myself into oblivion saturday night is that i woke up with a chipped molar, and i feel like i've got a root canal in my future. sigh.
    6) SUN. good lord, i hate winter.

  6. 1.Brian & Stewie - Family Guy
    2.Jersey Shore - Why are these people on TV?
    3.I guess I don't have an oppinion on this
    4.hmmmm.....that's a thinker
    6.Sun. Fo'sho'!

  7. I LOVE YOU ALL EVEN MORE!!! Or should I say "Moure"? Yes. Yes I should.

  8. Lenny and Squiggy.


    Funny if you're TRYING to be pretentious.

    Palantino/Old English


    Somewhere in between

  9. OK, I know I'm terribly late - but those questions are great and I'm procrastinating.

    1.Morgan and Chuck (or, from the 4th season also Morgan and Casey)
    2.As mentioned before - any reality (Top Model - blah)
    3. For me obligatory. Like in the essay I should be writing.
    4.Favourite (see?) A tie between Georgia, Verdana and Bookman Old Style; depends what I'm writing. Least - comic sans.
    5.Gyno. I don't mind nor need dentals, and I love writing (though not now).
    6. Sun on a snowy day. Or just 20 degrees cent. and a bit of sun.

  10. 1. Bosom Buddies: Kip Wilson/ Buffy Wilson & Henry Desmond/ Hildegrade Desmond
    2. Grey's Anatomy
    3. British
    4. Whatever captcha is
    5. Meeting anyone for the first time
    6. Sun!

  11. I choose snow. It's one of the only things whiter than me. Unless it's been peed on.


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