Sunday, December 12, 2010


My apologies.  I had this set to post on Friday, and yet somehow screwed that up.  SORRY!

Oh, my god, you guys.  These photos were amazing.  And again, Andygirl and I had a ridiculously hard time trying to pick out the winner.  We narrowed it down to three.

Here are the two Runners Up:

By Don Davidson Photo

By Yankee T

And the Winner:
By SweetSalz21

Honestly, all of the photos were fantastic. It makes our jobs so hard. SOOOO!!!  HARRRRDDD.

So, Andygirl and I decided that the next theme is going to be YOUR BEST.  And the best part of that is that it's a READER'S CHOICE AWARD.


That's right.

Next month's Raw Photos Contest is going to be decided by you, the reader.  Or viewer.  Whatever, you, out there in Internet Land.  You'll look at the amazing photos showing YOUR BEST and decide which one is the best.

Get ready, the contest will open after the first of the year!

Thanks again to everyone who entered.  You are all fantastic.

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