Monday, January 3, 2011

Aaaaannnndddd I'm back [Part 1 - The Return of Suniverse]

Did you miss me?

I missed you.  I did.  Really.

Although I was amazed at how quickly I stopped thinking of every marginally interesting thing that happened as blog fodder.


I missed you.

It was a refreshing break, if by refreshing I mean that I'm looking forward to blogging again and not refreshing as in Summer's Eve type refreshing, because my bajingo is just fine as it is, thanks. 

Seriously? How does that even seem like a good idea?

Where was I? Oh! Yes.  A refreshing break.

I had a nice-ish holiday season, considering the fact that the husband and I both worked a ton of hours and had TWO parties within in two weeks.  Which were fun.  Except for the crippling anxiety which swamped me about an hour before each party.

That was NOT fun.

But it didn't last, and I managed to enjoy myself.  To wit:

Our Holiday Extravaganza!
Every year for the past several years we've had a holiday party for our friends.  The past two years we've invited family, too, which is fine, but only our cousins/siblings.  Meaning people our age.  Which evidently angers my mother and one of my aunts, who are PISSED that they don't get invited.  Even though I'm not sure why they want to come ESPECIALLY since they are at my house ONE WEEK LATER for beef tenderloin and presents instead of hors d'oeurves and booze with people 20 years younger than they are.

This year, I ended up inviting a ton of people and they almost all came.  Seriously.  My house was a sardine can. Which was fine, because who doesn't like a crowd?  And they all seemed to have a good time.  And the food was yummy and I finally broke down and bought an ice bucket, but it's not one I really like, so I'm on the hunt for a swankier ice bucket.  Something that exudes cool.  [HAHAHA - did you see what I did there? No? Yeah, never mind.]  Yeah, so, any ideas for a kicking ice bucket that's kind of NOT EXPENSIVE [seriously, Martha Stewart? It's not made of gold.] just let me know.  It's a total invite to next year's party.

I like our holiday party, because everybody gets dressed up [this year I wore a red tea length dress with a black cardigan - my sister nixed the idea of a white cardigan because she said I'd look like Santa Clause] and I am an ardent believer in people looking nice when they are out in public.  Yes, yes I get the whole we should be comfortable thing, but if you are not comfortable in your nice clothing, then you need to go up a size.  I understand you're more comfortable in your sweats; no less an authority on fashion as Cher [from the cinema classic Clueless, not from . . . well, being Cher] admits that her going out clothes are so bindy, but come on.  You can surely find SOMETHING cute to wear.

Alicia Silverstone is many kinds of awesome.  Also, I really, really miss long jackets and short skirts.  Is that a thing still?  Because it rocks.
And, because I love that movie so much, and I loathe bad fashion choices so much, I'll add this:

Cher Horowitz: So okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so.

Amen, Cher.  A. Men.

Where was I?

Oh.  O.k.  Party.  So - we have our party and we get dressed up and people talk and laugh and eat and drink and come and go and bring bottles of wine and champagne and delicious, delicious snacks and treats and the party lasts kind of late even though I go to bed.  This year, I stayed up until 1:00!  AM!! In the morning! I was so proud of myself, although what has ended up happening is that for the past week or so I've been falling asleep at around 9:30pm. Yeah.  Party animal.

I really like entertaining, and the husband and I have gotten pretty good at it.  He had to work the day of the party, so my mom [who, did I mention, was NOT invited?] and my sister and the girl and I finished up the day of prep.  Which was pretty minimal, since I opted not to go overboard on the food, which was fine, since people like to bring stuff.  Or at least the people we know like to bring stuff. Or at least they say the do.  The could be lying to my face and talking about me behind my back.  You never know.

I was find until people started showing up, at which point I had this horrific anxiety crazy panic lunacy where I suddenly just did NOT want to deal with people.  Like I was afraid that they'd all run screaming if I talked to them or suddenly find something else to do or somewhere else to be. 

I don't know.

It was weird. 

But then I settled down and had fun and talked and laughed and ate and drank my delicious sparkling water and talked some more and then went to bed while the husband stayed up with the last guests.

And the entire time?



Kind of like if you crossed the hair of these two photos:

About this length and color PLUS

This kind of loose curl = AWESOME!
Seriously.  I was thrilled and made sure everyone noticed how awesome it looked.

Hmmm . . . maybe people WERE trying to get away from me?

O.k., that's Part One of my Return.  More tomorrow on who knows what.




  1. Yes I missed you!

    And sounds like your party was THE place to be.
    And I hope you find the most cool exuding (I got it) ice bucket ever!

  2. Missed you, too! And best idea for a cool ice bucket, is a vintage one from etsy. Hundreds to choose from!

  3. Oh, that post felt soooo good.

    It's good to have you back.


    And I used to rock that short skirt/long jacket look...till my thighs got all crepey (not creepy)well, maybe creepy...on me.

    Happy New Year. And I love Eminem. "I'm not take a stand..."

  4. I loves me some Cher!

    Welcome back and Happy New Year!!


  5. Where's the picture of your hair? I want to see.

    I always see cute ice buckets at TJ Maxx. I have a very classic silver colored one from Target. Everyone is afriad to use it. They get ice from the ice maker in my fridge.

    I love Cher! I love the picture taking cuse I don't trust mirrors.

    Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  6. cher horowitz. YES. truer words were never spoken about boys. take it from a woman who went to law school in the deep south. replace "baggy pants" with "polo shirt, cargo shorts and dirty ball cap" and you've got my school. sigh...

  7. OMG! I love you all so very, very much. Truly.

    I'll post a photo of my hair soon. I need to actually upload them from my camera still. Did I mention that work has really cramped my lifestyle?

    LOVE TO ALL!!!


    PS HELL YES, Cher rocks.

  8. You quote Cher and have pictures of bags de douche on your blog.

    <3 I knew I hearted you and stuff on Twitter but I never came over here.


  9. Surfer Wife - Thanks for coming by and liking me on Twitter and yes, forgiven!

  10. Seriously, post-menstrual douche? What? Why?? Why?!! Seriously, why?!

    Oh and as your virtual neighbour, I'm offended you didn't have a virtual festive party and invite me.

  11. I want your hair! seriously. let's trade.

    and Clueless is my bible. all the wisdom I need I learned in 1995.

    anytime you want to quote Clueless, I'm there.

    she could be a farmer in those clothes.

  12. I am now picturing your house a giant sardine can, with all your guests standing shoulder to shoulder being slowly zipped inside.

    And it makes me happy.

    Welcome back!!

  13. I hear you on the party anxiety. Before it starts I'm always convinced no one will come then after it ends I'm convinced my bathroom needs to be hosed down with bleach...just a tad bit OCD...
    So glad you're back!

  14. welcome back! when the curls rock, nothing can go wrong.


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