Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Return of Suniverse Part 2 - The Empire Strikes Back

Thanks for all your lovely comments from yesterday's post.  I REALLY MISSED YOU!!!

As I discussed, we had two holiday parties - one for friends and one for family.  Every year, I have everyone at my house Christmas Day.  My family.  My in-laws.  My aunt and cousins. This year we also had my favorite brother-in-law and sister-in-law, plus my cousins' grandmother.  Lots of loving, lovely people.

I also had PMS.

I did pretty well.  I was wiped out and tired and a bit cranky, and I worked Christmas Eve, but I still managed to only fight with the husband once.  Unfortunately, I yelled at him in front of my sister-in-law. 

To whom I apologized.  Profusely.

Not so much to the husband.  He totally deserved it - seriously.  Just take my word for it. 

Oh.  We also fought New Year's Eve.  Way to ring in the New Year, right?  Man, we have difficulty communicating when we're tired.

I guess the holidays are stressful.

[Next year, I plan on being out of town.  Alone.  Except you can join me.]

Incidentally, we actually made plans for next New Year's Eve, because the past few ones have been L-A-M-E.  Literal snooze fests, in that I've fallen asleep anywhere between 9 and 11pm.  Only to be woken up at midnight, because why not?  It's obviously important for me to be alert and coherent when Dick Clark creeps out a nation at the witching hour.

On the plus side of the holiday extravaganza, I also got to use a mandoline for the first time and holy kitchen awesomeness, people.  It's like a miracle!  I want to rapidly slice EVERYTHING.

The one I used was black, but still fucking awesome.
I can't explain how boring my life is now that I've had to return it.  Valentine's Day is coming up.

I also got new dishes from the husband.  Really nice plates that make me feel like I'm eating a nice restaurant instead of in my tiny dining area, bitching about the cat hair on my black cloth chair cushions and trying to ignore the noise of the t.v. blaring.  A girl can dream, right?

Tune in tomorrow, for . . . I'm not sure what, yet.  Something good.


Speaking of something good - I've got a new post up at Secret Society of List Makers.  All about my health.  Mmm . . . mediciney.


  1. Agreed - Dick Clark needs to retire... or just sit quietly in the background and wave every now and then. I realize the man has had a stroke and I feel for him, but enough is enough.

  2. Seriously - *love* kitchen utensils. Although, admittedly I try to keep away from the mandolin after almost rapidly slicing through my own hand.

  3. Sorry about the PMS--that's never fun.

    Nice blog, btw--found you from a Secret Society of List Addicts post.

  4. oh, PMS - it's like there's a PMS fairy watching you at all times, waiting for the worst possible moment to go "HA! now you will SUFFER!"

  5. We have plenty of cat hair if you run out.

    I've always wanted a mandoline. I don't cook so I can't justify the expense.

  6. I was asleep at 9 on New Years...last year too. I know how to party.
    Why did you have to take back the slicing machine? Too much temptation to use it on the husband's goods?


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