Monday, February 14, 2011

This Is Party Time

And it's not polite for you to muck around*

Last weekend, we had a Super Bowl party, and the husband and I were in agreement that this was our last party for quite a while.  Then the girl asks if she can have an anti-Valentine's Day party, and of course we said, "Sure, why not?"  We've got leftover party stuff from the Super Bowl party. It's always party time, which is better than a cold bath with someone you dislike.**

And then she invited 20 kids. Aaargh.

About 15 or 16 showed up.

Which was fine, sort of.  I was at work and running errands and the girl took care of setting up for the party [man, it's nice to have a teenager, right?], so there was very little prep involved on my part.

The kids were mostly those we've known for at least 5 or 6 years, and they've been over for parties before.  There were a few new kids, too.

One of the new kids ended up doing something stupid to another kid, and I had to be Mean Mom and yell at her and all the other kids for their general fuckery.  Not yell yell.  Speak authoritatively, I guess.

Well, this kid took it to heart, ended up calling her parents and leaving early.

Which made me feel awful, even though, seriously? Don't act like that.  You're 14, not a baby.

So I felt/feel horrible, because I don't like making people feel bad. 

I don't know.  I hate dealing with people.

Happy Monday!

*That's from The Jazz Butcher's "Party Time" [Lyrics] which, if you have never heard it, please listen. [You Tube] He's fantastic.

** Also from that song.


  1. oof. fun. but it's not like you did anything out of line. if the kid's too soft to take it, that's totally out of your hands...

  2. That's me.

    Always the bad cop.

    I carpool and we have one foul mouthed kid. I had to pull over once and say,"hey, dude, there is a middle aged woman in the car and an 8 yr old kid. Can you zip it about the HOT CHICKS and HOT CHICKS and HOT CHICKS?"

    He doesn't want to ride home with us again. And the mommy evil eyes me at the grocery store.


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