Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Me:  Have you heard about these helicopter parents? 

The husband:  Um, yes.  Like you.

Me:  I am NOT a helicopter parent.

The husband:  Fine.  You're not.  What about them?

Me:  Did you know they go on job interviews with their children?  How insane is that?

The husband:  Tell me you wouldn't want to do that.

Me:  I would not.  I don't helicopter over the girl.

The husband:  Please.

Me:  I don't!  And anyway, these parents call the companies to negotiate salaries and compensation packages.  How crazy is that?

The husband:  You mean to tell me you wouldn't call the girl's place of employment to do that?  Really.

Me: I would not!

The husband:  The girl and her employers better hope that there is never a situation where there are legal issues.  You'd be all over that.

Me:  No I wouldn't!  [Pause.]  I mean, I would discuss the girl's options with her.  I'd certainly make suggestions, but I wouldn't call her employer.

The husband:  Really.

Me:  I might call the EEOC or OSHA.

The husband:  Haven't we failed as parents if you have to call OSHA about the girl's working conditions?

Me:  Touche.


  1. Helicopter parents. Oh my. My in-laws still call the Mr 4-5 times a week. Each. They send food, gas cards, grocery cards, etc. for no reason. But they are not helicopter parents. I call them sniper parents. Because they are a constant threat and they could probably kill me.

  2. I used to work at a university. I know ALL about the helicopter parents. after class, you see all the students on theirs cells, calling their moms to let them know how class went. so crazy to me. promise me you won't helicopter her when she's in college. :)

  3. I remember being SO SHOCKEd when I found out a woman I WORKED FOR in college, still called her mom to ask her what she should have for lunch.

    I kid you not.

  4. I have SO not been a parental hovercraft that now that the boy will be going away to college, I'm afraid I'll never hear from him unless he needs bail money.

  5. My mom still threatens to call my employers, love interests, stores whose products I've bought that suck. Hi, I'm 30, and I never learned how to handle conflict.

  6. At the beginning of the school year my son, who is in eighth grade asked me not to be such a helicopter mom this year. I was flabbergasted! I am firmly and proudly a benign neglect mother. I can't even understand why he would ever think that. Weird.


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