Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have a Target right near my house.

Normally, this is a source of joy and excitement, as well as a massive drain on my wallet. [Jo, seriously, can you plan a field trip to my house and we'll go and you can SEE the wonder that is Target and behold the RED CLEARANCE STICKERS?]



The pharmacy is making me mental.

Every other employee is really nice.  Seriously. Nice and always asking if they can help me and being super on top of stuff.

Except for these pharmacy assholes.

It's like I never learn.  They are always screwing up.

Screwing up my copay.

Screwing up by saying I don't have insurance.

Screwing up by not having the meds to fill the perscription.

The problem is, I forget.  I don't generally take many meds.  Or any meds, actually [although I have been on Advair for a while, to keep me from getting bronchitis again.  HAHAHAHA.  That worked.].  Only when I get super sick do I end up with meds - like the horrors of bronchitis redux.  Then I get a lot of prescriptions.

And then they fuck them up.

Like, for instance, TODAY [o.k., last night].  When I went to pick up a prescription that THEY CALLED AND TOLD ME WAS FILLED.  And then I get there?

Oh, we don't have that listed on your prescriptions.  It's not on here.  Do you know who called you?


So now I'm livid, and I have to call my doctor's answering service and try to hunt down a doctor to maybe call in my prescription.  To ANOTHER pharmacy.

Because I am so full of hate for Target right now I don't know what to do.

I mean, I really don't know what to do, because I refuse to shop at WalMart, and what else is there?

Any ideas?

Also, I'm not really pleased with the on call doctor, because he was all, "Well, you know, I'll have to turn on the computer to get the prescription" Because that's just an impossible task "And you know, you should have picked this up earlier, when we could have seen you in the office or you could have called in." 

You know what, Dr. Asshole? You're ON CALL.  You know what that means?  THAT MEANS YOU'RE WORKING.  I'm not asking for a diagnosis, I'm asking for a re-send of my scrip, because somehow, someone else screwed up.  Not me, SOMEONE ELSE.  Just type in some words, find the scrip and call it in.  Not that fucking hard.  The two other times in history I've had to call the answering service, the doctors could NOT have been friendlier or more helpful.  I hope this guy got blueballed and hemorrhoids for being such a fucking tool.

On the plus side? I'm taking a steroid to help with the breathing, and I kind of get why people would take this.  I am getting stuff DONE.


Hey, remember when I used to post at Secret Society of List Addicts?  Yeah, I'm doing it again today.  Check me out!


  1. Call that douchebag doc back and tell him your filled with roid rage and if he doesn't shut the hell up you'll go all Mike Tyson on his ass.
    And yea I like Target but the one in my neighborhood usually has empty shelves (seriously!!) and workers who yell at you or give you dirty looks when you DARE to check out while they are on their cell phone.
    Kudos to you for avoiding Walmart! Misogynist Bastards!

  2. Like many I drank the kool-aid for years and jumped on the 'tar-jay' bandwagon. Lately though, like Tonya, I've noticed that the shelves are empty. They have this annoying policy where associates have to ask if they can help you every time you pass by them which means if you stumble on a group of them, they all have to ask. I hate being asked about their damn credit card, too. Plus my ghetto target doesn't even HAVE a pharmacy. I don't have a walmart near me, thank God. I hate walmart, too. We should start our own discount store.

  3. Too funny. Try Walgreens.


    If your Rx is more than 30 days, than use mail order through your health plan. This way to pick up your Rx, you only have to walk to your mailbox. And it's cheaper.

    Then call Target and tell them you want to call the Regional Manager to compliment their service; except when they give you the number, call and complain about the pharmacy (not that I would do that).

  4. I hope you get better soon. Bronchitis SUCKS bad!

    I am completely convinced that the other 78% of the world are turning into giant assholes and the other 22% of us are being left behind to suffer their wrath. Unfortunately, most of that 78% are in the people business.

  5. I've decided that employees in all big chain pharmacies are idiots. I get the same crap from CVS. Although 24 hr service is nice, I miss the days of mom and pop pharmacies. With real PharmDs filling the scripts.

  6. i use the CVS down the street from me to fill prescriptions. weirdly, even though it's part of a huge gigundo mega-chain, it's a small store, and the people there are inordinately nice. they even gave me a prescription at the co-pay price once when my catholic school insurance unauthorized it for religious reasons. uh, guys? if you had a problem with it in the first place, why did you authorize it?

  7. I don't know what they have where you live. I'd murder Target for that. I use Rite Aid now, but used CVS back in CA. good luck!

  8. never in my life have i had a pleasant encounter with a pharmacist. it's painful. i think they're all hopped up on under the table meds... i lost my MIND in a Rite-Aid parking lot once. ironically it was because they were taking too long for my pills to keep me from freaking out.

  9. I know Target has a pharmacy, but it never even occurs to me to use it. Always hit up Walgreens. Now I'm glad I do. Trying to stay away from Target anyway, spent way to much money there.

    Love your blog, newest follower. Found you via @gonnakillhim

  10. Am over reading this to get my daily dose of profanity. You know that term schadenfreude? You deliver it. Thanks for making me feel better about my own pharmacy, which I hate.

  11. Ugh. It is SO frustrating when you need meds and clueless people inhibit your ability to get them. Sorry you have a sucky Target pharmacy. Every chain-store pharmacy I've ever tried has its problems. Never tried our local Target pharmacy cuz the store itself (to quote another commenter) is ghetto...actually ours is Ghetto with a capital G. Sigh.

  12. Don't you just wish Web MD dispensed prescriptions?? Then you can be your own Dr. Asshole and diagnose yourself with all kinds of anxiety disorders that need heavy doses of barbiturates.

  13. First of all, get better soon, of course.

    Second>>>OMG what FranceRants said.



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