Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday in Pictures - How does your garden grow?

Fuck you, snow. 

That's how my garden grows.
Sad daffodils.  Sad, dead, daffodils.

They don't know what hit them.


  1. Haiku for Suniverse

    Sad flowers are sad
    Sorry, sad flowers
    Pretty pretty snow
    You bastard

    Didn't know I was a poet huh? You're welcome.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Yeah. My crocuses croaked yesterday. I feel your pain. Where the frack is spring?

  3. And that's why I don't grow anything.

    Well, that and laziness.

    Pretty much just laziness.

  4. Snow is an ass hole.

    So's my four year old who yanked every daffodil in my yard.

  5. snow? in april? we're having snow here, too. it's insane...and it's also pissing me off. come on mother nature! not all of us are mean to you.

  6. No snow here, but it's fuckin' COLD!!!! What the shit???

  7. holy mother of god. snow? that makes my southern-girl blood run - please pardon the pun - cold. this is proof that there is no just and loving deity up there, because if there was, snow in april would NEVER happen.

  8. Hey! They don't look dead! Your captions and words made me laugh out loud. So glad you shared this with me!

  9. We still have no flowers for the snow to kill. It's been too cold for them to attempt to live

  10. I bet Gwyneth Paltrow could grow flowers in the snow.

  11. Fuck you snow! bahahaha! I love that! Sassy and straight to the point. I just fell in mad mad love with you.

  12. Don't worry the Daff's aren’t dead it’s cryogenics, like Walt Disney they will return after the thaw….Although I’m not sure that a good thing, more bloody Micky Mouse and Donald Duck, Give me Warner Brothers every time….

  13. oh my poor little heart hurts for those flowers.
    SPRING...where the F**** are you?



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