Friday, April 8, 2011

Week in Review - On the Road Edition

Let's just jump right in, shall we?

Government shut down. Jesus, you dumb shits.  Didn't work in 1996, won't work now.  People will fucking HATE YOU for doing this. And by you, I mean Republicans.  Idiots.

Atheist Club in a high school.  I'm impressed that kids in the south have the wherewithal to do this.  This can't be easy.  Actually, it probably can't be easy anywhere.  I'm always amazed that the girl has the stones to tell people in our completely religious city that she doesn't believe in god.

Haiti has a new president - and he's a singer. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Haiti is and has been in a fuck-world of problems, and I feel like they'd be better served having someone be president who has actually done something.  But what do I know? This country elected a wrestler and the terminator to lead states.  And don't get me started on W.

This is way beyond my scientific understanding, but I find it fascinating, nonetheless.  At a Fermi lab, scientists may have discovered a new elementary particle of physics.  This would change physics as we know it.  And by we, I absolutely DO NOT mean me.  Because the only thing I remember from physics was this girl telling me that when she was younger, she never curled the back of her hair, because if she couldn't see it, it didn't exist.  That's LIKE physics, right?

Detroit's city planners are working on possibly shrinking the city.  This is so, so touchy.  There are areas in Detroit that are completely blighted - crack houses, vacant lots - except for maybe one or two houses.  And the mayor wants to create smaller neighborhoods so that services can be delivered more efficiently.  And so that the vast wastelands can be turned into something.  Green spaces.  Urban gardens.  I like this idea, but then, of course, I'm not being asked to move.

Finally, a reason I would watch You Tube - the mayor of a Japanese city pleaded for help after the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown, and is still getting calls and offers for help.  This is why I sometimes don't hate people.

Anything I missed?


  1. Um, I don't want to be this person who gets on your blog and tells you how to live you life, but you forgot the biggest news of the week:

    GOOP released a cookbook.

    Stop the world I wanna get off. Also, I am ashamed you neglected to mention the greatness that is Goop and how everything she does is pure genius.

    You disgust me with your lack of Goop knowledge. Don't ever talk to me again.

    JK I fucking love you.

  2. Hey! I never knew you were here in the blog universe, because every time I hit the "next blog" button, I get endless scrap books of "our life, our love and the silly things that happen in between," and so, so, so many religious blogs! This is disturbing: does this mean somehow, only the really religious people get ME when THEY hit the next blog button? Great. Now I'm disheartened.

    Anyhoo, my sister and brother have always suffered from panic attacks, so I have a hell of a lot of empathy. I get the odd one now too, lump that I am, thanks to the rapid demise of my mother last year.

    Excellent post by the way.

  3. Apparently something happened on American Idol last night that has everyone pulling their hair out... but I don't watch AI anymore so...nope, didn't miss anything!

  4. Yep, that's totally like physics. I married a physicist, so I'm totally qualified to talk about physics as if I know anything about it. Gwyneth Paltrow and judgy religious people should go quark themselves.

  5. there's this really weird aura hanging over the city today. it's almost like the entire district is waiting for its execution. and it's so infuriating that the stumbling block is that some morons think that the money for planned parenthood goes to abortions (IT DOESN'T - see the hyde amendment) and that poor women shouldn't get to see the lady doctor. grr.

  6. Your definition of physics makes perfect sense to me.

    And I think you're totally forgetting about new season of Real Housewives of NY starting. Now THAT'S news.

  7. I didn't know that about Haiti! Cool, I think? Have a Haitian friend, will see her at work tomorrow and ask her how she feels.

    Also? Went to all girls Catholic High School, and was a founding memeber of their first Atheist club. We just wanted to be jerks.

  8. One way newspapers could save themselves would be by liberally using the word "fuck" in their coverage. Publishers could learn so much from you. You've pretty much saved my career.

  9. I am listening to the news right now way past my bedtime and it has been announced no government shutdown (at least for now). Hopefully it stays this way.

  10. The BS the Republicans spew is unbelieveable. Check your facts people. They want to kill funding for anyone who doesn't think the way they do.

  11. I think you should have talk show to offer your commentary on world events. I would watch it!

  12. I agree with Tarja. Freaking love those crazy housewife bitches. Love your first one on the list too.

  13. Finally I have a scientific explanation for the sorry state of the back of my hair: physics. Thank you.

  14. Finally I have a scientific explanation for the sorry state of the back of my hair: physics. Thank you.

  15. Could be worse: Haiti's new Prez could have been Wyclef Jean.

    I love that maybe we found new physics- because I AM OBSESSED with lava and black holes in outer space.

    for me though, the biggest news-video of the week would be Lady Caca falling off her piano. Almost as important as the firefighter giving oxygen to that sweet lil kitten.


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