Monday, April 25, 2011

You'd Think I Wouldn't Care About Easter, But I Do. But Not In That Way.

I've got that holiday let down again.

Which is ridiculous because I barely even celebrate Easter.

I mean, the last time we colored eggs the girl was maybe 4 and we were at my in-laws.  I don't even color eggs for the egg coloring holiday I grew up with.  Although I do end up with a ton of eggs and candy from relatives, so it's like I colored eggs.  Or just took credit for someone else's work.  Like a middle manager.

We do get stuff for the girl, but I put the basket [or, this year, the pile of tissue paper.  White tissue paper, even.  I didn't look for pastel, even though I'm pretty sure I've got some.] on the dining room table and she doesn't hunt for it.

We did have a really nice brunch with friends and then lolled around for an hour or so, before we all reached the conclusion that we'd be happier lolling around in our own house and leaving them to theirs.

At which point I got home and was CRANKY.

I don't even know why. 

It's not like I even had to clean or do or be anything.   I was already showered.  The dishes were done.

Which actually may be part of the problem. Too much time. Not enough direction. And so many things I could do, which I then don't end up doing, and then start resenting the hell out of the husband, who is minding his own business, being sick and watching hockey.


It's like he's looking for a fight.

I hate that post-holiday funk. I keep thinking it'll get better, or I'll just make myself stay busier, but it keeps happening, because there will always, invariably, be a lull.

And lulls lead to introspection or the need for decisiveness, both of which are dangerous for people who have OCD and dislike thinking about themselves.  At least, have a hard time thinking about themselves in positive terms.

I really better not get bent about MayDay. 

Stupid Communists.


  1. I solved this issue last night by watching Robin Williams live and laughing until I cried.

  2. I know how you feel. I cooked a big dinner for Easter for JUST US. And although I didn't really want guests over, it felt wrong that we didn't. Does that make sense?

  3. I got in an argument with my stupid neighbor who was angry that my 4 year old got a handprint on his car. Happy fucking Easter.

  4. Your husband totally had it coming, but it looks like you spared him. Because you are a kind and gentle awesome.

  5. i had the same problem yesterday as well. we solved it with wine, loud music, and a trip to the all-night diner for grilled cheese and freak - er, people-watching.

  6. you know what it is of course: these holidays create TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Like, magic and MEMORIES should just be spontaneously happening, until you want to vomit from all the joy. New Years Eve is the worst offender of all. It should be whooptacular fun, but invariably I'm at home, on the couch, watching the ball drop on tv while The Man snores beside me. Suckville.

  7. I don't want to alarm you but Earth Day is on Friday. Be prepared to be mad at that hockey watching jerk again. I think I may kick mine out of the house in celebration.

  8. You should have hung with us in Palm Springs. Sure we watched Hockey, but we did so while debating the true meaning of the Mullet, and whether you can be a half vegetarian if you eat meat.

  9. You know what I think it was? The mix of a holiday and a Sunday combined. By Sunday afternoon I get a little whiny and icky feeling. So the holiday let down combine with Sunday was just the perfect storm.

    Your husband has some nerve.

  10. You're so funny. But isn't it interesting how the post-holiday funk coincides with the Sunday-funk? I hate Sunday holidays. And play-off hockey. Don't get me going.

  11. Aren't all husbands jerks? Mine was. Past tense awesomeness.

    Tarja - wait, is Sunday Funk a thing?? I thought it was just me who gets blue and flat and listless on Sundays. Seriously, one sveenth of my life is spent being inexplicably morose.

    Oh I'm sorry, was this not about me, again?

    Sarah xxx

  12. We went to Edmonton (four hour flight) to visit my brother-in-law and his wife, who I LOVE, and their little boy and BABY, who I WANT, and now we're back home and their still in Edmonton, so yeah -- cranky, blah.

  13. Hi. I just want to remind you that WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Minus the husband and the girl.


  14. I bought "Bridget Jones' Diary" on DVD on Sunday, so I think that speaks volumes about my mood. I blame Easter. Because I'm Jewish.

  15. Husband and I got drunk and took a nap in the afternoon. The kids ran around the house with sugar high. Just like every other weekend really. LOL

  16. We started a new Easter tradition- lunch at an Irish tavern followed by a whole afternoon of stuffing ourselves sill with chocolate. You can't feel crabby when you have chocolate in your mouth. Though the tavern sucked, so maybe we'll just start the tradition of eating out.

  17. Oh, and the whole point of my comment (right up there) was NO EXPECTATIONS! Uncelebrating, guilt free.

  18. I wish I was close enough to just call and say, come over!!!!! Because my house and brain was full all day. I guess with little people in the house Easter is better (def better than the years I wanted them and nothing happened, nothing makes a depression worse than litle girls in bonnets and little boys in boat shoes )

    I get you...I understand that it's a :DAY: and you should be doing something with people you love....hoping next year you can come over ;)

  19. Funny how those husbands manage to pick fights while just sitting there minding their own business.


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