Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Time, It's Personal

Sort of. 

I was invited by BlackLOG [LINK HAS AUDIO] to take part in THE BLOG OF WAR [sound trumpets and cannons, please].

Welcome to Round 1 of “Blog of War”

6 competitors are going head to head with each other, having been given the task of reviewing the site of one of their fellow competitors.

As readers please take the time to look at all 6 entries before deciding which review you think has done the best job  

Below you can find a link to the voting page and how to see the other 5 entries

You have until the 7th May to vote – after which time the blogger with the fewest votes gets to take the long walk off a short pier….

Never being one to back down from a fight, I immediately said, "BRING IT."

At which point I was directed to review Krissy's blog Talkative Taurus.

And so here we go . . . 
Krissy is talkative, and I mean that in the best way. You know those people who immediately invite you in, never-met-a-stranger types? That's Krissy.

I already find myself drawn into the great mattress wettenig and bedroom purchase debacle of 2011.

For those inclined, she delves into her dirty dreams about sexy soap opera actors.   

For the animal lovers, Krissy shares her dog Bailey's stories.  He's surprisingly busy.

The great thing is, Krissy loves to take pictures, so you get all kinds of great shots, like at the zoo, and of her beloved South Carolina during an ice storm.

And as a bonus, you get comics in her posts, which is nice, because I haven't read the comics since Calvin & Hobbes was in the paper.  God, I miss you Calvin & Hobbes.  

Krissy's posts are one of those telephone conversations [Remember? When people used to talk on the phone? Instead of texting and twittering and oh my god, kids these days?] where you start out talking about Hanson and then you end up bitching about the idiot salespeople at the furniture store.  PLUS! She's not above sharing gossip - defined as Holy Hell, did you see that stoner on tv last night talking about that car accident she witnessed? And also, an open letter to someone who Did Her Wrong.

It's a very personal glimpse into a woman's life who is ALMOST DONE with her degree after dropping out with only ONE CLASS LEFT.  But she's rocking a 4.0 this time, so that's awesome.

Check out Talkative Taurus & go VOTE at BLOG OF WAR. [Audio on page.]


  1. that sounds like a fun blog. I'd be pale and diarrea-ish if someone were to review my blog. No wait, that sounds like I have zero balls. Whatevs.

  2. Great review! And best o luck in the war.

  3. Aw, crap. I hate this stuff. I don't WANT to vote anyone off. I want everyone to LIKE me! Fine, I have zero balls too. *stomps off grumpily*

  4. Hmmmm..something new and different?

    Me likee.

  5. Thanks so much for that! You made me want to read my own blog, and I have been so busy lately that I haven't had time to post as much as I usually do.

    Unfortunately, I got disqualified because I had a crazy busy week and weekend so I didn't get my review in on time. :( Great job on your review though, and I hope some will stop by.

  6. she sounds like someone I'd get along with. I cna't wait to read her. :)

  7. Good one and thanks for going the distance. As I said to Idaho and Al it is a shame you guys ended up in such a lame contest, you deserve so much better. Hope you are willing to go on, I guess I’m just too thick to quit at times ….

  8. Talkative Taurus's blog IS very good and your review is likewise top notch.
    For the record, I DO have balls. But, my wife keeps them in a jar. I'm not really allowed to take them anywhere.


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