Friday, June 17, 2011

Week in Review - School's out for summer.

Hey! Guess what! So much news happened this week!  Unlike every other week where NOTHING EVER HAPPENS EVER.

I am taunting you with information about my past at Kelley's Break Room.  Go on over and check me out at Name That Job! What prior job did I actually have? Oh, you have no idea.  I bet.  Go.  Guess!

I'm organizing the inaugural 1940s Twitter Movie Night on Sunday, June 19, 2011, at 9:00pm EST.  The movie is The Philadelphia Story [thanks to the lovely @Mrsped for the assist in selecting the movie]. We'll all be watching the movie and live tweeting how awesome we think the whole stinking thing is. Use the #1940sMovie hashtag. Join me, please, so I don't feel like I have some sort of social disease.

The girl is officially done with middle school.  HOORAY.  The giant end of the year party is over.  I am almost officially done being PTA president. Oh, sweet relief.  Seriously.  So sweet.  Like a vodka ice pick in my brain sweet.

I am still PMSing like crazy! You may not consider this to be big news, but I assure you, everyone in my path will be talking about this for a LONG TIME to come.  A LONG TIME.

Evidently hockey fans in Vancouver take shit pretty seriously [and also may be PMSing?].  So seriously that the past couple of times that the Canucks went to the Stanley Cup Finals and lost in Game Seven, these bastards rioted in the streets.  Seriously? It's HOCKEY.  Let's keep the rioting where it belongs, on the ice.

This sounds like a particularly bad idea.  The Tennessee Valley Authority wants to revive a half-built nuclear reactor that's been in mothballs for the past 23 years.  Yeah.  Have these scientists seriously never seen a science fiction movie? How is that possible? I would like to direct them to that fine 1950s documentary about giant radioactive ants, THEM!. Who knows what kind of radioactive vermin are going to come shooting out of this thing? 

The Tea Party is trying to bring some younguns into its fold by hosting a summer camp.  Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be eerily reminiscent of Jesus Camp?  Or maybe God Camp?

What the hell? I don't get people.  I mean, I like Joss Stone and think she's a great singer, but can't fathom that someone - someones, I guess - would want to kill her.  I mean, she's pretty harmless so far as celebrities go, right? That's a lot of rage.  Maybe they weren't thrilled with her acting in the The Tudors?  I have no idea.

And finally, the winner of the Freedom contest is:
Flannery said...
To be unconventional, to question authority, to make choices unencumbered...freedom.
You all had amazing answers, truly, and I ended up randomly picking a number.  Because who can make that kind of Sophie's Choice?  Not me. That's for damn sure.

Flannery, please contact me with your info so I can send you . . . a surprise.  I'll take a photo when I put together the package and then share it with you all next week.  No, it's not just because I haven't picked out exactly what the gift is.  Not completely, anyway.  I've got ideas. LOTS of ideas.

What news do you have for me this week?


  1. So, is this the Cary Grant movie? I may join you with my library's copy. My weekly news? I started taking St. John's Wort bc I am becoming all "idc" & stuff. Also I shared a bunch of pictures from my past with coworkers, but not with my internet friends! Still considering that.

  2. I've had perma-PMS for a while now. Usually I get a bit of a break but not recently. Is it the weather? Yesterday I was feeling extra stabby.

    Oh well...

    Yea for Friday! Yea for Cary Grant!

  3. what is it with my home state this month? i know it's hotter than the hammered-down hinges of hell in alabama in june, and heat makes people go crazy, but this is uncalled for.

  4. Go Bruins. I'm kinda obligated to say that, being from New England, but I do love that Tim Thomas story. Someone tried to kill Joss Stone? I hate that. Her duet with Melissa Etheridge is my favorite video ever. So now that I've read all the news that is fit to print, I'm heading over to find out what you used to do because I've been curious about that. I was thinking news anchor. 'cause you're so smart and up on current events. I've seen one, I've seen the other, but usually when you see them both together, it spells reporter. Sooo. Congrats to Miss Suniverse and to you on your emancipation from the PTA.

  5. Dumbass riot stupidheads. It was my birthday, which was fun, and the school barbecue which was...not as bad as last year. And I helped my son make up a disco dance to do in front of his class and he didn't die of embarrassment. Too parochial?

  6. How the fuck did I miss the contest???? Oh! I know. My work computer was taken away for surgery most likely being evaluated and interogated and that computer is giving up my internet secrets and my walking papers are probably being typed as we speak because I blog while I'm at work and this comment is intentionally one long run on sentence with no punctuation in an effort to show my panic and/or disappointment in missing the contest.


    ...and just as I was getting ready to hit 'post comment' I raised my cocktail to my lips and an icecube 'sploded in the glass and shot vodka in my eye. Of course.

  7. I seriously just learned so much. I didn't realize the Tea Party had a camp and I didn't know Joss Stone was wanted dead by someone. Weird. Unfortunate. Really unfortunate. I DID know you played Name That Job, however, and I am so glad you did!

  8. OOoh, I love the winner of the Freedom contest.

  9. OK.

    YOu did the contest fair and square.

    Also, does St John's wort work?

    I always think it might since Angelina Jolie models for St Johns and she's beautiful, so 6 degrees of separation and all that.

    My husband looks exactly like Cary Grant.

    I think it's Gwyneth that wants to kill Josh Stone over singing voice envy.

    And, finally: that pic of Beckham on your sidebar freaks me out all the time cuz it looks like he's giving it to the bed, but good.



  10. Anyone who name-drops "Jesus Camp" is a friend of mine.


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