Friday, July 29, 2011

Special Pop Quiz Friday - Would you rather...?

Hello, lovelies.

I hope you enjoyed hearing from the Husband yesterday. He had fun writing & LOVES the comments. I've wrested control of my blog back, but haven't kept up on the news, so I'm giving you a Pop Quiz! No studying needed, just answer when ready!

Would you rather ...

Lick a frog or a snake?
Eat a spoonful of mayonnaise or butter?
Wear jeans or pants or a skirt?
Spend 5 minutes in 120 degree heat or 0 degree cold (sorry, Celsius users, I've got nothing)?
Get caught shoplifting or urinating in public?
Spill something on your brand new sofa or watch someone else spill something on it?
Ride a rollercoaster or a giant Ferris wheel?
Eat a salty snack or a sweet snack?

Well, don't just sit there. Quiz starts NOW!




  1. Neither. Just reading that, I shuddered.
    Spill it myself so I don't have the urge to commit homicide.
    Neither, scared of rides.
    Depends on my mood, but mostly sweet! (my ass knows it)

    Happy Friday! xo

  2. 1-frog but EWWW!
    4-peeing in public
    5-me spill--there would be blood if someone else spilled.
    6-roller-coaster. Ferris wheels freak me out.
    7-sweet with salty--ever have chocolate covered potato chips--heaven.

  3. frog.
    spill it myself.
    ferris wheel.

    ooh. now i want cake with buttercream frosting. maybe in the shape of a frog.

  4. 1: Ok, I'm petrified of snakes and frogs creep me out but not to the point of "scared to death" so I'm gonna have to say frog...
    2. Butter!
    3. Sweats are my favorite. Jeans when I was skinnier!
    4. Shoplifting.
    5. Either/or. If it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen. Homicide, suicide... either way, I'll just try not to get blood on the furniture!
    6. Ferris wheel!
    7. Can I have both?!

  5. "Would You Rather" is kind of a favourite passtime of mine, so I'm thrilled about this post! Let's begin, shall we?
    1. Frog
    2. Mayonnaise (I guess the cheese stands alone on this one...)
    3. Pants
    4. HAHA - these ARE Canadian temperatures, there's no extreme here! I'll take the cold extra layers of fat help keep me warm.
    5. Urinating in public (possibly because this has happened numerous times already...)
    6. I have to go with the rest of the responses and say spill myself so I don't have someone else's blood on my hands.
    7. Roller coaster, 'cause I'm kind of a thrill seeker like that.
    8. Sweet. Most definitely sweet. My family is French-Canadian, so I was fed a lifetime's worth of salt by my 7th birthday.

  6. 1. snake - they're smooth!
    2. mayo - bc butter wouldn't go down as quickly or easily.
    3. a skirt or jeans... I'm not picky, but skirts are awesome.
    4. the heat! I get cold too easily. plus, that's just like sitting in a sauna, right? I can do that.
    5. shoplifting - with the other one, I'd die of embarrassment.
    6. watch someone else - then I'm not the one to blame... & I can mumble about clumsy assholes instead of feeling like one.
    7. rollercoaster all the way, baby!
    8. I can do salty sometimes, but usually I want SUGAR!

  7. Snake, though I hear they can carry salmonella
    Butter (and I have. Delish.)
    Skirt in summer. Flannel-lined jeans in winter.
    Cold if I get to be bundled up.
    Urinating in public. Not my fault, there should be more public facilities available.
    Spill it myself. Less resentment.
    Ferris Wheel.

  8. 1. frog. I'll risk the chance of contracting warts. Can I do C) tarantula?
    2. Mayo. I ate a tub of butter once when I was... um... "medicated", and I can't stand the sight of it now.
    3. Skirt. They are muffintop-friendly.
    4. Heat. Hands down.
    5. Urine. Hands down.
    6. Myself. Hands down. I have a lot of hands.
    7. Roller coaster. I fear that all ferris wheels are operated by carnies.
    8. Both. I didn't get this muffintop by eating carrots.

  9. 1. frog that turns into a prince
    2. mayonnaise topped off with cheese sprinkles
    3. jeans 2 sizes to big that say they're 4 sizes smaller than what they really are
    4. 72 and sunny
    5. urinating while shoplifting
    6. No spills ever
    7. Ferris wheel with a really hot guy that gets stuck at the top
    8. any snack will do

  10. 1. Will the frog pee on me, because they always pee. Yech.
    2. a jar of mayo and a spoon is a small personal fantasy
    3. Jeans, but with stretch denim. The old style denim is stupid.
    4. equally bad. Equally freaking bad, but I'll take the cold because someone hawt can warm me up after
    5. urinating I guess. Who wants to be Winona?
    6. Fate will always choose my daughter.
    7. Roller coaster! Yay!

  11. Sorry, I'm hyperventilating at the thought of either...I guess frog?
    The heat. I think I could sit still for 5 minutes and just be super hot and breathe. The cold would make me miserable.
    Urinating! The most you'll get is a ticket & a little humiliation, but it makes for a funny tailgating story.
    Watch someone else spill something. I don't want the guilt!
    Rollercoater, gladly.
    It's like choosing a favorite child; I just can't do it. I'll take the best of both worlds, please, like a salted caramel.

  12. 1- Snake
    2- Butter
    3- Skirt
    4- 120
    5- Urinating. Everyone does THAT.
    6- Spill it myself; I'd hate to think what kind of dirty look I'd give someone else!
    7- Rollercoaster
    8- Sweet. Always.

  13. 1-snake. If you really mean snake.
    6-someone else
    7-rollercoaster but I'd probably puke

  14. 1. Licked a snake last night. Wait...what?
    2. Put the 2 together, baby.
    3. Skirt, preferably in muumuu.
    4. I'm from Canada. Regardless of how hot/cold that is, the cold one is just another Tuesday in February. Bring on the heat!
    5. Who says I haven't done both?
    6. Always me, otherwise I will stab.
    7. Roller coaster because ferris wheels don't even have SEAT BELTS!!
    8. Eating Pringles as I type this! (So, um, saltily processed?)

    That was fun!

  15. HI
    you had to go to the snake didn't you?? I hate snakes, so I'll take the frog. Maybe he's a prince ;)

    oooh Mayo, I love Mayo and so I wouldn't mind it so much

    Skirts, forever.

    I'd rather be hot than cold...anytime

    oooh maybe the shoplifting, although peeing in public is something my 20's was riddled with ;)

    me, because at least I can hate myelf for it, I would lose my mind watching someone else do it.

    Roller Coaster, it's ovr fast, the Ferris Wheel and heights and me...= no good.

    I am a salty salty girl...YUM

  16. I love quizzes. Here's me:
    1. Frog, because I've done it before. Don't ask.
    2. Mayo (see above)
    3. skirt
    4. Zero-degree cold
    5. Shoplifting (I'm thinking cameras on this one)
    6. Spill it myself because otherwise I'd hate the person as much as the one who flung Merlot all over my new white shorts at a barbecue
    7. Rollercoaster, baby!
    8. Salty

  17. 1. Snake. But not if he's recently eaten a mouse. Not my kind of bulge, thanks.
    2. Butter. Yum.
    3. Jeans in winter, skirt in summer. (if skirt includes sundress. otherwise, nude. but not really.)
    4. 120 heat. Not even a contest. I hate being cold.
    5. Urinating. Naturally.
    6. Spill it myself. I'm used to it by now.
    7. Roller coaster. Nude.
    8. Salty. With tequila and lime. Please.


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