Friday, July 8, 2011

Week in Review - It's Friday I'm in Love

Oh, my lovelies, I have never been so happy to get to the end of the week.  I actually slept more than an hour at a time last night [five whole hours in a row. IN A ROW.  PLUS! I dreamed about Sawyer from Lost.  Yum.] and my nieces are going home AND I'm going to a party tomorrow night! Yay! Party! With people!

What's been happening this week? Why, I'm glad you asked.  Here you go:

JK Rowling said, "Never say never" about more Harry Potter stuff. SQUEEEEEE! Is it unseemly that a grown ass woman is this excited about children's books? Eh, who cares.

In an effort to stave off a horrific police and parliamentary inquiry and PR mess, Rupert Murdoch decided to close The News of the World, a tabloid newspaper in England that had been found to have hacked into the cell phones of child murder victims and terrorism victims and just seriously? Is this guy Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, but without the warmth?  What the fuck?  How do you live with yourself?  Ugh.  People make me sick.

In the great state of Texas, where they just can't get enough of killing people through the death penalty, the state decided to execute a Mexican national despite the fact that he wasn't afforded his right to meet with the Mexican consular when he was charged.  Now, granted, this guy was a dirtbag and raped and killed a young woman, but the thing here is, Texas decided that it was more important to rush into trying and executing someone than it was to follow the rule of law which is that people get to meet their consulate when they are accused of a crime.  A few more months was not going to matter to anyone at the start of this case, and certainly not now, except maybe to Rick Perry trying to build his bona fides with crazed isolationists.  Adhering to international law means you have a leg up when someone from your country is in a precarious legal position [i.e. Amanda Knox].

In more legal news, you all know that Casey Anthony was found not guilty.  I did not follow the case very closely and while I understand the visceral uproar over this - a child is dead, after all - I am not overly surprised at the result. While the states that have the death penalty have zero problems with putting it into action [see above] there is a marked disparity about who is actually put into this situation. And it should come as no surprise that it is mostly black men who murder white people who are ultimately executed. A young white woman is very seldom going to be put on death row.

In news of the what the hell? variety, evidently Spain has had a history of stealing babies and selling them for adoption.  WHAT?  Yeah.  This began as a means of punishing leftist families under Franco [again, WHAT?] but took on a life of its own, with doctors, nurses and nuns [WHAT??] having colluded to steal babies who were just born and selling them off to a criminal network.  Parents were told their babies had died and were buried.  I can't even . . . WHAT THE FUCK?

And now as a palate cleanser of good news, Tom Hanks is bringing pollution free scooters to India.  I have not traveled to India, as I would prefer to have diarrhea in my own home where there is a working toilet, but my understanding from friends is that there is traffic unlike any other place on earth.  These scooters would make a small difference, but hopefully set the stage for more change.  Bosom Buddies, Big, scooters.  Is there anything this man can't do?

What have you got for me? I'm dying to know.


  1. So once the criminal network had the babies, what did they do with them? I'm imagining big scary mob bosses feeding and changing little babies, all while strapped with AK-47s and smoking big Spanish cigars. Then they read baby books to them and kiss them goodnight, then execute a dude with their bare hands just to balance out the badass.

  2. that babies story was horrifying. And why did it immediately make me think of little Maddy Mccann...


    I too have no desire to go to India, but maybe that's the (accurate) skewed perspective I got from watching The Amazing Race.

    Funny you should say about Harry Potter--I just asked The Man today if we could ship the kids off to his parents when the next movie comes out. Me so happy.

    Other than that, the big news around here is that I have to go out for bread and sugar. Just comfort yourself knowing this: we NEVER run out of whisky here. Bread? Sugar? Bah--luxuries.

  3. Gasp! More Harry Potter????? This is tremendous! I was a total "Buy the book the day it comes out and read it before the weekend is over" fan. Love.

    I have nothing. My brain has left the building. Good thing it's Friday, right?

  4. Lord, she's up for more Harry Potter stuff?!? Who care what she does, bring on more Hogworts!

    I got nothing. Our place is pretty boring.

  5. You've elegantly summed up why I keep my travel destinations to first-world countries.

  6. So you know that merely seeing the titles of your posts makes me smile for a week; but now that I read your Tom Hanks tribute, I can die happy.

    (just hopefully not from diarrhea in India.)

  7. In my defense as a Texan, I did not vote for the current governor. Ever. In my opinion, a stump with a wig would be a better leader.

  8. I still can't get over that Daniel Radcliffe said, 'The only way I'm getting through this Scary Potter crap is if I'm hammered."

    Can you believe it? He was drunk through all the filming???

  9. Here it is:

    I know you, you will love it.

  10. Good riddence to the News of the World. And I seriously, seriously hope that more of Murdoch's empire crumbles (can the Daily Mail be the next to go please?!). The scariest part about this whole story is how it was all shaky power tier. It's just freaking wrong. That man has, way, way, way too much control.

  11. Oh, well, it is Saturday and I'm in love with you. In a purey platonic blogger kind of way. But I have no news except another kid drowned in a pool in our area and now bigB is thinking of having a flotation device surgically implanted into littleb's intestines that will inflate from his butt upon any unauthorized impact with fluids. That should keep him safe, right? Okay, I made that up. Speaking of making things up, well done, up there Bill. You totally created that visual for me. Okay, moving along now.

  12. I've had a fantastic week but I'm exhausted, and I hate being the kind of commenter that just says OH MY GOD YOU'RE SO FUNNY YOU MAKE MY EYEBALLS HURT but I've really got nothing else. I have to go walk a gigantic badly-behaved but sweetheart chocolate lab for my neighbour. And I agree with you about the death penalty. And India. And Tom Hanks (did you see him on the Daily Show? He is SO FUCKING ADORABLE. If he ever get caught in a sex scandal or something I'm just killing myself because it's all over for the world).

  13. What would we do without Tom Hanks for crying out loud. Or, India for that matter? The man is a saint. A SAINT! I say.

  14. In honor of Tom I am buying a Vespa for a transgender manchild

  15. I absolutely am a Potter fan . . . the last movie is coming out the day before I head out on vacation, so I may be choosing to make a 5 hour drive to the beach on a minimal amount of sleep, just so that I can go to the movie after I'm packed.

    And then, during that 5 hour drive, I'll be listening to the unabridged Jim Dale audiobook renditions of the tale, because, why the fuck not?


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