Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lollapalooza: It's Not Just for Kids Anymore

This weekend the girl and I will travel to Chicago to witness the 3rd day of the Lollapalooza festival.
As if my balding melon and bulging middle were not enough to tell me I may be to old for this shit, I
took a look at the lineup and besides the evening's headliners, Foofighters, the only band that I can
truly say I know is the fucking Cars...Ric Ocasek,people! He looked like a corpse 30 years ago! I'm
hoping it's actually another band who was able to take their name because the patent finally ran out.
I thought my Dad was old and out of touch when he was my age what with his Benny Goodman/Glenn Miller orchestra phase.

I was at the first 2 Lollapaloozas in Cleveland, Ohio with my youngest brother who will be reprising
his role as sidekick for this one as well. My god, the bands we saw those 2 days could fill a lifetime.
Jane's Addiction, Nine Inch Nails,Jesus and Mary Chain, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ministry, Soundgarden,
Ice Cube, Ice T, Rollins Band, Cypress Hill, Stone Temple Pilots,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Pearl Jam,
Rage Against the Machine; are you kidding me with this. Unbelievable shows. Jane's Addiction set was
probably as close to Heaven as I'll ever get here on earth. It was a pagan ritual in the crowd and
Navarre's guitar was absolutely palpable in the night sky. It was magical. This time there will be some
subtle differences; I'll be there with my daughter, he with his wife, and we'll both be stone cold sober.

Of course, the girl knows all the bands and loves all of them and has no idea how we're going to be
able to decide between Deadmau5e, Cold War Kids and Foofighters. Really? Seriously? I'll tell you how
It will be the Foofighters because "I'm the Dad" and "Seriously, that's what you're wearing..."


  1. I only know the bands you listed from the first two Lollapaloozas.

    So we're the same age eh?

    Have fun!

  2. Damn, I'm jealous. I would freaking love to be there! I haven't been to a Lollapalooza in...uhm...too many years to admit... Foos are amazing live. Enjoy & cheers.

  3. i went to this extravaganza once. i may have been taking drugs. but i do remember some of the bands you have listed above. good times.

  4. Oh my freaking God - I LOVE the cars. Even though I kind of want to force feed Ocasek several hot dinners with a side of lard sandwiches. I particularly LOVE the live version of Heartbeat City at Live Aid. Guy on the synths with a woolly jumper - legend. Will try to find a clip of it for you. PS Am already on with the guacamole as we speak. Nachos ahoy!

  5. And here it is: was weirdly easy to find too... Check out Ocasek's polka-dot jacket. And... is that a wig?

  6. Like your dad, I went through a Benny Goodman/Glenn Miller phase, too. Hi, I'm 30 going on 90.

  7. I have to admit, I have no interest in 90% of current music. I listen to 50's - early 80's with a smattering of 40's.

  8. Cold War Kids rock. Audience of One with some megabass will blow your mind.

    And I would give a frickin kidney to see Jane's Addiction.

    You rock the kasbah dude.

    S xxx


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