Thursday, August 4, 2011

Raw Photos Finalists - PEOPLE are awesome

Oh, my lovelies.  Did you check out the Raw Photos contest this month? Andygirl and I have the worst / best job in the world looking at and loving these entries and then having to pick out the finalists? TORTURE.

Seriously.  You people can take a damn fine picture.

Here are the finalists:

HOW CUTE IS THIS? Those crossed feet? I die.
Germany 2011 049

I am truly stunned by this. This is incredible.
Venice Beach Skateboarder

I'm just so delighted and at peace and in love with the world when I look at this.

This is amazing and trippy and so fantastically cool.
People Under the Chicago Bean

Tune in TOMORROW for the BIG WINNER!!


  1. Oooohh - it's so tough.
    I think I'm loving the kids on the beach slightly more, but not by much :)

  2. I'm with Simone, but if I had to vote:
    Kid with the crossed feet.

  3. Those are great! Tough decision!

  4. Oh, to be able to take people pix like those! People are my weak spot. With a camera, I mean, but probably the other way, too.

  5. You flatter me! I'm honored to be chosen among so many fine images! :-D


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