Friday, February 17, 2012

It's time for me to make up for accidental bible camp

Remember how I accidentally sent the girl to god camp? Yeah, she still remembers that, too.

In order to make it up to her, I want to send her far, far away, to the other side of the country, so that she can enjoy camping with those weirdos like her, who like nature.

So I am entering to win a session of summer camp for a child at Catalina Island Camps from The SITS Girls!

It's amazing, really, how once I sent her off to boarding school, how easy I find it to send her off to camp far, far away from me.

But she deserves to have an amazing adventure that I cannot provide her because:
1. I loathe Nature/nature and it loathes me right back,
2. Man, camp costs a lot of money, and
3. We never get to take her on vacation because of our horrific debt load [Hello, upside down mortgage! Hello, student loans that are killing me!]

She's a great kid who loves to try things and be part of communities that strengthen her abilities and push her to be her best.  She also enjoys working with others and easily assumes the leadership role when she needs to.

So, in short, she needs to go to camp, I cannot take her, it would be great if she won this contest.


  1. anything we can do? Or is it just something you fill out and win a drawing for?

    1. Jim, thanks so much for the offer! There's nothing to do but my writing a post and linking up to the site. I do appreciate it, though.

  2. bible camp....shudderrrrrr...

    anyhoo, I hope she wins! Camp always sounded like the fourth layer of hell to me, but kids these days are much heartier.

  3. why have you left me? i feel naked without your comments. yes, I'm a needy, weakling with a sensitive heart who needs constant validation from others, but especially from those I admire deeply.

    p.s. if she wins the trip and you come out to LA, can we please have lunch or dinner or tea or a walk or anything???

  4. "Accidental Bible Camp" needs to be the title of a book.

  5. OH MY GOD! Thank you so much! I'm totally stoned off my ass with love. Your comments make me feel happy again. :)

    p.s. don't tell anyone how needy i am.

  6. Good energy heading your way that you WIN.

  7. you couldn't have made it up to that little girl any better :)

  8. I also scarred my kid with camp (no God, though), so I feel your pain/guilt. I will pray that you win...

  9. We don't have summer-camp here. BECAUSE IT'S COLD AND RAINY ALL THE TIME.

    Keeping everything crossed for you and the girl!

  10. Gotta admit, I'm a little sad..because if you wouldn't have accidentally sent her to Bible camp, we wouldn't have had that HILARIOUS post bible camp post.

    I'm so selfish.

    I admit it.

    It's probably why you like me.

    GOOD LUCK. and I mean it. For the girl. One's skull can only take so much bible thumping.

  11. Fingers crossed for you both.


  12. Catalina is WONDERFUL, any child should be sent there for summer camp. And the parents need to visit visit often, because Catalina is such a fun day trip!

    Boy I hop you win!!!

  13. My daughter goes to CIMI every year and loves it there! Catalina is awesome! I totally recommend it! The first time she went she was brave enough to get on a plane all by herself and fly down there. It's a fantastic experience!

  14. Yeah, you have some making up to do. Good luck with the contest.

  15. i hope she wins...really. catalina is cool (cue butthead laugh)

    and i just realized that i miss your friday news recap session, even if you are a flaming liberal (which i forgive you for. although for the record, i fall somewhere in between flaming liberal and lunkhead conservative). although i would love for you to do a post on how f'in crazy rick santorium is. becuz i think he wants to abolish genetic testing or something like that and i would love for you to unleash your sunny fury on him.

    i wish politicians would leave my uterus alone.

  16. Crossing my fingers for you . . . though, something tells me that she's smart like her momma, and therefore you're never really living down the accidental bible camp send-off.

  17. My daughter loves going to camp. She finds some on the Internet and then raises money all year to get to go. I couldn't get her to stay home for the summer if I paid her.


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