Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ugh. Spring gives me stress.

I hate Spring.

I know, I know - everyone loves Spring because of all the rebirth and good weather and flowers and bullshit, but you know what else happens during Spring?


Which makes me very stressy.

Like this morning, when I was in the shower, and I happened to glance out through the gap between the shower curtain and the wall and I saw, on the ceiling, a giant spider hanging over my towel.


I quickly finished showering with my head cocked to the side and one eye dedicated to keeping track of that spider - which is quite an accomplishment when you are trying to detangle a giant mop of hair.

I yelled to the husband to come in and save me [MY HERO] and he knocked the spider off the ceiling and onto the floor, where, you know, MY FEET WERE. But he killed it and I was able to scurry to safety.

I realized then I need to spend more time cultivating relaxation - so I'm dedicating myself to yoga.  I'm over at Aiming Low today, sharing my yoga secrets.  Stop by and read. And comment. It relieves my stress.


  1. Spiders, boo! Yoga, yay! I can't follow the Aiming Low link, boo...

  2. You are such a baby. I would eat a spider in front of another spider, and then he/she will run back and tell the others. You should try it sometime.

  3. Good luck with the yoga. I really need to get into that.

    I have two words for you. POTATO BUG.

    Welcome to spring.

  4. AHHHHH! I hate bugs too. Bleh.

  5. Super disturbing thing--an ENORMOUS cockroach made an appearance on the wall of my classroom today, right smack dab in the middle of a student's PowerPoint presentation on that wall, and stayed there for all the presentations. I couldn't tell if students were focused on the presentation or the roach. My bet's on the roach.


  6. I'm surprised you didn't adjust the shower head and shoot water across the room to take care of the little beastie.

  7. Sue, I COMPLETELY understand. I JUST finished posting and one of the focuses is how terrified of bees and other flying insects my son is. He's so terrified he doesn't even want to go outside.

  8. I truly believe the only reason I'm guaranteed to always be in my mother's will is because, if I'm in her house, I'll kill spiders.

  9. There is a space at the end of your link, dear.

    Does that sound dirty?

    I hope so.

  10. Ew. Bugs. I'd rather clean a litter box with my face than deal with bugs. Too much? But yoga?? Meh, I don't do that either. What else you got?

  11. That is why I love San Diego so much- NO BUGS! Well, relatively few. We're moving to Brazil next year and I'm betting I die of a heart attack within a year from all the bug stress.

  12. I love autumn. Let's get that out of the way first. Next, I like winter, then summer. That leaves spring dead last. It's not that great around here anyway, is it? I don't even care about the bugs that much. It's hotthencoldthenrainingbucketsandmuddythensnowing. Spring is blossoms that turn my stomach and force me to take allergy meds every day. Spring is the return of the never-ending yard work, the noxious weeds, and humidity without the heat.

  13. I freaking LOVED Charlotte's Web.
    And I'm aware of the importance of arachnids to our ecosystem.

    But damn I hate spiders.

    Like, a lot.

    Almost as much as I love you at Aiming Low.
    See you there.

  14. One day I came home from school . . . I think I was in the 7th grade or something. Anyway, there were cup turned upside down all over the kitchen. Apparently, a few spiders had crawled into the house, and that was the way my mom dealt with them -- so I turned each cup over and smashed what I found.

    We still have no idea why 7 spiders decided to visit that day, but my mom is convinced that it had something to do with my dad sleeping with the orthodontist.


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