Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's go time.



It's time for you to enter your kick-ass craft in the Craft Whores contest that The Bearded Iris and I are having RIGHT NOW.


You can link up your linky at the bottom of this post and be well on your way to being judged and then possibly winning EXCELLENT PRIZES!


Sure, people are panicking, because they want to enter but don't feel like they can.  The rules are simple - make the craft YOURSELF and link up here or at The Bearded Iris's place.  That's it! You don't even need to have any actual crafting talent. I swear!  Just glitter up that vibe you never use.  You can do this!

All you have to do is link up a post on your blog/Tumblr with a photo of your craft, and you're well on your way to winning a prize. AN AWESOME PRIZE.  If you think your regular readers would be offended by your craft, make a separate page on your site and hide it, or quickly set up a Tumblr for this contest.

The categories are:
  • Best in Ho (overall best)
  • Most Anatomically Correct
  • Most Original
  • Best Effort by an Apparently Non-Crafty Person
  • Honorable Mention
If you're still stressing about a craft idea, the very, very, VERY lovely Mayor Gia kindly created this cartoon to show the creative process:

While we are in no way suggesting that penis-stabbing is an appropriate response to craft criticism [although, isn't it? I'm going with YES!], we are suggesting that you should enter your inappropriate craft in this contest and win an amazing prize.  Yes, even YOU Mayor Gia.

Don't forget to visit our very generous sponsors:

Funny not Slutty where you'll find humor and hilarity for non-stop laughter so you can get through your work day without punching someone.


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PS:  The prizes are AMAZING and include:
  • A $50 gift basket of craft supplies from our fantastic sponsor, Funny not Slutty
  • A $100 Gift Certificate from our amazing sponsor In the Powder Room to use at We Shop at In The Powder Room
  • A $50 Gift Card from Eden Fantasys to use on their site
  • A Viva La Deez Nutz painting and 3 Breath Mother Fucker magnets from Robin Plemmons
  • A sculpted vulva from Lady Estrogen
  • A vulva tissue box cover from Carrie
  • A Hillbilly Goblet from The Bearded Iris 
  • A one of a kind Craft Whores cross stitch from me!
Due to popular demand, we'll have the link up open until September 20th.


  1. Oooh, it's so on!
    Fingers crossed for gift certificate - mama needs a new magic wand. Ahem.

  2. I showed the comic to Boyfriend. He looked at the first panel and was like "wtf is that??" SIGH.

  3. i'm so in. first entry already will be hard to beat,tho.

  4. Ace and I had a "polite disagreement" over my craft. He's still in husband time out.

    Also...can you enter more than one thing, because uhm, I had another idea on the train this morning. (Yup, that was me with the giggles on the train.)


    Gia - Oh, boyfriend. What is he thinking?

    Anna - Bring it! I have faith in you!

    Elly - you make as many as your dirty thoughts can come up with!

  6. For the first time, I wish I had an anonymous blog. But I think I will press on and provide a filthy entry anyway. Might make my next job search more interesting..."tell us more about this Craft Whores contest..."

    Stay tuned.

  7. My husband actually came up with the idea for my craft. Thank goodness I don't have to stab him in the penis (this time).

  8. Thank you Suniverse. Ima need to hit you up for some of that knowledge.

  9. Not to self: if girlfriend ever takes up craft, do not under any circumstances criticize her crafts.

  10. It's not considered practical per se, but it'd look purdy on the wall!


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