Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Prizes?

Hey! Perhaps you haven't heard, but The Bearded Iris and I are having this awesome contest where you can make something and then have it judged and then AND THEN win some amazing fucking prizes.

We've told you the rules.

We've revealed the spectacular judges - The Next Martha, Crafty Chica and Robin Plemmons!

Bad ass The Next Martha
The most awesome Crafty Chica
The inimitable Robin Plemmons

And now . . . 


Seriously - who DOESN'T love prizes?

We have got so many wonderful prizes, you will cut a bitch to enter.  [Note: Cutting a bitch may or may not be considered an entry - we'll leave that to the judges to decide.]

So what are the prizes?


One of our amazing sponsors, Funny not Slutty, has donated a gift basket of craft supplies valued at $50.  Be sure to visit so that you can get the humor you need to get through your day - smartly funny essays on life, videos that make you giggle and snarky takes on what ails you.  It's like that perfect phone call from your funniest friend, but you don't have to actually answer the phone to get your laugh on.


Another of our amazing sponsors, In the Powder Room, has donated a $100 gift certificate to use at We Shop at In the Powder Room! Stop by this fantastic site to find that perfect, unique item that will make you the envy of all your frenemies.  Seriously - it's a great place for bloggers and retailers to shop online socially.  Like going to the mall with your girlfriends, but you don't have to find parking.

We Shop


Eden Fantasys has donated a $50 gift card to use on their site for your pleasure.  Yes. I said it.

Robin Plemmons has donated a Viva La Deez Nutz painting and 3 Breathe Mother Fucker magnets!  You know you need these. [I may steal one of the magnets.]

Lady Estrogen has donated a VAGINA. A HANDMADE VAGINA[see what I did there?] SCULPTURE. Who DOESN'T need this for when their mother-in-law comes over?

Carrie from Uknit2 has donated a vulva tissue holder! Perfect for home or the office!

The Bearded Iris has donated a Hillbilly Goblet. Hello, PTA Parent's Night.

And I've donated the one of a kind Craft Whores cross-stitch above. Because classy and sassy go hand in hand.

Are you ready to win something fabulous?  Get crafting! The link up for entries starts TOMORROW September 13th. GET READY!
Seriously, bitches, get that glue gun going.


  1. These are some fantabulous prizes! I think the breathe, motherfucker magnet is the crown jewel.

    1. I. WANTS. IT! (I actually would like it to speak like my easy button. Wouldn't it be great to tap it when that irritating motherfucker came by all hyperventilating about shit you ain't done did at work? Uh huh, uh huh, I'll get right on that, Andy, but in the meantime (tap) BREATHE MOTHERFUCKER).

  2. breathe motherfucker. now THAT is a phrase a gal could cross-stitch on a pillow. if she could cross-stitch. and do not be all with the "oh it's easy really..." because i've tried it and IT IS NOT.
    your prizes make me wish i had a glue gun. or something upon which to sprinkle glitter other than my own butt.
    alas, I will just have to wait for the linkup. You guys are going to kill the internet with this linkup. people will be howling with laughter all the way around the world.

    1. HMMM, glitter on my butt. That just might work!

  3. HANDMADE VAGINA FTW. Can it be a craft from the past? Oh right, read the rules Dumbass. I will read the rules.


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