Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cheap sentimentality.

In a rush, but I want to know:

What's your favorite thing to do on a snow day as a grown up?

What about when you were a kid?

I have 2 favorite grown up things:

1) Leaving work early.

2). Making snow women with the girl (feather bias and hot pink wigs!)

My favorite thing when I was a kid was to make snow caves with my brother and sister. Sometimes we'd connect them. Or use carpet squares to make them cozy.



  1. I used to love playing in the snow. And yet I've never made a snowman. I think probably because I was too busy avoiding a snowball in the face from my brother. My mom once pulled out the camcorder to document him knocking me down and sitting on my back while dumping snow on my head. It was horrifying.

    I haven't had a snow day in a couple years and I'm itching for one!

  2. I've lived in southern California my entire life.

    We have STORMWATCH newscasts when it gets cloudy so I've never had a snow day.

    But if I did ever get snowed in, I'd watch crap television and drink alcohol.

    Then again, that's pretty much what I do during STORMWATCH newscasts, too.

  3. I'm from CA, so snow is still a novelty to me. We never had snow days, not even rain days. Not even "ran out of granola" days. Stupid CA.

  4. I used to love snow days when my kids were little enough to still want to play in the snow (which was all I wanted to do when we had - much less frequent - snow days when I was a kid). These days they mostly take off to see friends and I sit at home feeling slightly bitter. Then I read a book.

  5. Now--sleep in and watch bad movies in bed with the husband.

    Then--sleep in and have snowball fights with my brothers.

  6. Favorite snow day things now - board games and cake.
    As a kid - snow angels and being outside all day no matter how cold our fingers got (then drying our gloves on the radiator at home and going back out.)

  7. Junky tv and reading allday with no one yelling to get my homework done.


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