Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentines Day!

Or, you know, whatever.

I've never been one to celebrate this holiday. The husband and I have enough trouble remembering to celebrate our wedding anniversaries on a semi-yearly basis.  We don't think we have to show our love [or whatever someone would diagnose this as] through gifts of  flowers or candy or jewelry.  I like cut flowers, but the cats fuck with them, and I'm too paranoid I'll get hives from touching them to enjoy them.  We're both working on eating healthier, so candy is out [although I did purchase a fuck-ton of Girl Scout Cookies, which we sent to the girl. Except for the box of Samoas.], and we're too poor to purchase the jewelry I'm interested in.

This is not to say we're not romantic.  However, our definition of romance is more often twisted. To wit:

If we're going somewhere, the husband will see what I'm wearing and then wear a matching outfit.  We saw a couple many years ago wearing matching track suits.  Not an old couple. A couple near our age. MATCHING. TRACK SUITS. They were not part of Run-DMC, nor were they members of an Olympic team. They were an average suburban couple, wearing those plastick-y track suits.  And the guy was wearing a turtleneck under his.

Where the fuck was I going with this?


Anyway, as our private inside joke, the husband often will wear a matching outfit.  They aren't always exactly the same - for example, we may both be wearing corduroys, but they'll be different colors - but they are the same enough so that we can share a laugh about how ridiculous we look, knowing that everyone else will think we're a dorky middle-aged suburban couple wearing matching outfits, but WE ALREADY KNOW THAT AND THAT'S WHY WE'RE DOING IT.

It's very meta.

It's also very fun, knowing that someone loves me enough to look foolish with me, and also loves me enough to do something he knows will make me laugh.

Because laughter is the best medicine.

Wait. That's . . . eh, you know what? I'm making him take me to Sonic.


  1. Awwwww, that's love right there, damn it! Happy Valentine's Day, I love YOU!!!


  2. True love. The willingness to be embarrassed with AND by someone. It's warming, really.

  3. Looks like love is feeling comfortable wearing matching outfits.

  4. Samoas are the best! I just picked up a box today...I give in exactly 1.3427 minutes before I give in and open them.

  5. WEARING MATCHING OUTFITS IRONICALLY - fucking genius. My husband magically knows when "I don't want any fries" means "I really don't want any fries" and when it means "If you don't bring me some goddamned fries I will eat your life". I find that incredibly romantic.

  6. OMG WE'RE WEARING MATCHING BRAINS. Like, right now. Because my husband and I do that do. Have FOR YEARS. It annoys the piss out of everyone we know. HEE

  7. Awesome. Inside jokes make marriage worthwhile. That and the whole love thing. But mostly jokes.

  8. After 42 years celebrating Valentine's Day is passe for us, but I sure like the way you spend it. Nothing better to me than an inside joke and a shared laugh. Now THAT is true love! :D


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