Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Veritable MishMash

Still not feeling great [I went to bed at 9:20pm and woke up at 8:10am and could have slept at least an hour longer - is that mono? Or malaria? I'll let you know - doctor appointment in an hour as of this writing!], so here's what I've been thinking/doing, in no particular order:

The husband and I have started watching Torchwood, and the husband keeps asking me if I find Captain Jack Harkness attractive because he has a Tom Cruise smile, which I didn't think he did, until the husband mentioned it, and now I can't unsee it, and it makes Jack Harkness less sexy.  Is that grounds for divorce?

Do you haggle when you purchase things? I generally do not - it gives me a weird feeling in my stomach; I don't like the way the word sounds; and I don't want to give someone else an opportunity to say, "Fuck you, no" to me.  Ugh. Just pick a price that's reasonable and let's go with it.  Stop making me feel like I'm not getting the best deal because I won't dicker with salespeople [double ugh, "dicker" is not a great word, either].

Do you take vitamins? I take Biotin and vitamin D, and I never think they're doing any good, and then I stop taking them and my hair looks like shit and I'm sluggish and wonder WTF is wrong with me and then start taking them again so that the cycle begins anew. I've got zero short- or long-term memory when it comes to vitamins.  [I've also called a friend in a panic because I thought I may have taken TWO One-A-Day multi-vitamins instead of the prescribed dosage and was sure I was going to have to start drinking ipecac to make myself vomit them up, like that one time when my sister, brother, and I tricked our non-English speaking grandpa into giving us ALL OF THE FLINTSTONE VITAMINS and my mom had to call poison control.  God, kids are assholes, aren't they?]

That's pretty much all I've got right now. Hopefully my congested head will clear and I'll stop feeling like a zombie [I've checked - no bite marks] and can once again be the engaging America's Sweetheart-type blogger we all know and love.

Fuck yeah.


  1. I was taking vitamins then I forgot too many times, then I stopped. I just found a new brand that I'm going to try and hopefully they will help with this "I'm so tired I'ma just lay down and die" feeling.

    Giggling because when I was about 8 or so I ate all the vitamin C tablets my mother had (THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I knew they weren't candy but I COULD NOT STOP, SO DELICIOUS!)

    I am not a good haggler unless I truly know the value of something. My husband, though, is haggler extraordinaire and I would like to hire him out to car purchasers because you will most decidedly get the car you want for the price you want (although yes, it may take 3 days because he also tends to say fuck you to dealers and walk the hell out. They always go after him. Always. Desperate asses.)

  2. So what does 1/3 of a bottle of Flintstones vitamins do to a kid?

    I'm up at 4 am because I stuff is draining down the back of my throat, my husband is snoring, and the cats and kid are hogging my bed.

    I hate haggling but I will try to get them to throw in something extra like the cable it won't work without.

    I hope you feel better!

  3. France or francescaMarch 29, 2013 at 10:01 PM

    Who's torchwood? And is he a scientologist?

    I haggle when it's appropriate because it's expected. Also I like to see what I can get. Once I got circuit city to go lower than an online a price of a tv plus they threw in a kung fu panda dvd for free. But maybe they did that for everyone considering they're out of business.

    I take all those vitamins plus vitamin C and iron when I remember. I can tell when I forget because my arm hair is less luscious.

  4. Hope you get well soon, however it's clearly given you some time to think... about a lot of stuff. Kidding:)

  5. You said DICKER.

    p.s. When are you not a damn sweetheart?
    p.s.s. Tom Cruise is gross.
    That's all. Probably.

  6. Hoping you're on the mend.

    Jack Hartness is good looking. Period.

    I take no vitamins. I think it explains why I am who I am.

    Kids are such assholes. Always.


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