Monday, August 12, 2013

So much awesome in one post.


Have you seen this? I'm sure you have, but I'm tickled:



You know what else is awesome? I'm in a kick ass book. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Sure, it SAYS Wendi Aarons, but just because she had the foresight to lastnameusurp me, doesn't mean I'm not in this book. Because I am. Seriously.

Thanks to the creative genius of Leslie Marinelli, AKA The Bearded Iris AKA BadAss MoFo Editor of In the Powder Room, there is a book that has collected the humor stylings of a number of hilarious women [39, altogether], who will delight you in a way that you never thought possible.

If you're feeling down or blue or murder-y, you should read this book so that instead of being morose or incarcerated, you'll be full of laughter and sunshine. Actually, even if you are incarcerated, you should read this book. I mean, you've got time on your hands, right?

You should also read this book even if you're in a good mood, because it will put you in an even BETTER mood. And who doesn't want rainbow-slathered-sunshine surrounding them? THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU READ THIS BOOK.

Anyway, if you want to buy this book, I suggest you do so by clicking over there on the sidebar >>>>>

What are you waiting for?


  1. Congrats Suniverse! Great news. I want sunshine and rainbows slathered on me. Oh! And also butter! But that's a story for mature audiences only.

  2. Yeah! That is fantastic friend. Can't wait to get it.

  3. I can't wait for this book. Seriously. It's way more awesome than cat font and HOLY SHIT CAT FONT HAS BEEN HOLDING THE UPPER RUNG OF AWESOMENESS FOR MONTHS!

  4. Just imagine if the book were in Cat Font.

    (Head. Exploded.)


  5. THIS BOOK, announced with YOUR flair, PLUS the bonus enhancement of the cat font? Bitch please. My life is now complete.

  6. It's already on it's way to my cat like paws - can't wait.

  7. Congrats! Or, I should say, Concats!

  8. This is puuurfect. My book will be here tomorrow. I ordered it with cat puke on my foot. For real. This also reminds me of a Paul Simon song.........Congrats!


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