Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ruminations on LTYM.

So a couple of weeks ago [really? already?], I was in the Listen to Your Mother show in my area. It was pretty fucking awesome, and not just because I was there, although that's what my stalker tells me and he never lies.

Anyway, as you may have gathered, I'm not a particularly touchy-feely type of person. Not one to "connect with people" or "play well with others" or even "stop hitting that guy in the face." In fact, while I do enjoying being around people, I generally feel like I'm kind of outside the group. There, but not-there. This has nothing to do with the people themselves in a specific group - invariable, they are kind, giving people, the kind of people you want to be around, because otherwise why would I spend time with them? - and more to do with me always putting up a wall between me and . . . everyone. Why is that wall there? I don't know yet, I'm still in therapy. Jesus. Stop rushing me.

So it was a weird experience being part of a group of women - we were all women at my show - who gave so freely of themselves, and so completely. These were women who bared their souls, shared harrowing and enlightening and engaging stories about their lives. They shared with each other, and with me, and with our community. I shared, too, but my story was funny [of course], and while I don't discount the importance of humor in one's life, I am always awed by people who can open themselves up so unflinchingly and give of themselves so that they can create a sense of togetherness and unity. It was weird, but wonderful weird, and I'm damn glad I was selected to be part of this brilliant group of people who work so hard to bring light and community to everyone who came.

If you haven't been a part of LTYM, or seen a show, I HIGHLY recommend doing both. The rush of emotion that comes from sharing your story, and sharing in others' stories, has to be felt to be believed.


  1. you are fucking awesome.

  2. I love you.
    Now, please. Stop hitting me in the face.

    (kidding. you're like a goddamn permanent hug in my life.)

  3. You were awesome and funny and wait, you have another stalker besides me?

  4. You can hit me in the face anytime. You're fucking awesome. xoxo

  5. The penis interferes with my auditioning for "listen to your mother," but it didn't stop me at BlogHer.

    Seriously, I need to get to one of these shows at some point.

    1. Nope, John, do it! Talk about your own mother or your wife as a mother, or motherfuckers. I think. Maybe not.

      Suni, I still can't get over your not being at BlogHer. The sads rule my life right now.

  6. I'm always in awe of the community LTYM fosters. In 2012 I didn't get it until the show. This year I got to see it happen from the producer's point of view, and it was outstanding.

  7. Well my dear, my husband and his bromance said that yours was hilarious and EXACTLY what the show needed. Making people smile is a gift girl. So is kicking people in the mother fucking throat.
    Not that you would.
    Or would you?
    Should I be asking that question?


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