Friday, September 17, 2010

Why do I do what I do?

From Mama Kat:  

3.) Write about what blogging means to you. Why do you blog? What purpose does it serve you and how have you benefited from sharing a piece of yourself online this way?

Most - almost all - the people I know in real life don't know I blog.

Most of the time, I like it that way.  I've got an opportunity to really use this space to be honest - not mean, just be myself.  That's not something I'm comfortable with.  Not that I'm leading a double life, or am hiding something [like an extra arm growing out of my back or the fact that I'm in the Witness Protection Program], but I'm not a person who shares easily.  I tend to keep people at a distance.  It takes a lot for me to tell someone I know what I'm really thinking or worrying about.

This?  This is much easier.  There's an inherent distance here.  I can say what I need to say and not have to worry about seeing you at work or school pick up or that you'll have said something to someone else.  I mean, you may, ["DUDE.  You would NOT believe what Suniverse did at the salon the other day.  NO! REALLY!"], but it's not going to affect my day to day world.

That's not to say that this space isn't important.  It really, really is. And sometimes [lately, a lot of the time] it's more entertaining in the give and take I get with my commentors than the give and take I get in real life [oh, people who interview me for jobs, thanks so much for being there].

It's also important because it keeps me writing.  A lot.  And writing honestly, which is something I admire in the people I read.  And something I'm growing to admire in myself.

So that's why I write.  How about you?

[BIG PS:   Standards of Excellence, Westar, and Florida Builder Appliances are giving away a fab washer and dryer.  I WANT!]

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  1. I write for me. to construct my space. it keeps me writing and it keeps me honest.


  2. You're smart. I wish people IRL didn't know about my blog. BUT that doesn't stop me haha. I don't care if I see them out in public... they know I speak my mind and it sure has heck isn't gonna change on my blog lol.

  3. Andygirl - I like the idea of crafting your own space. Someplace for you to be honest.

    Amanda - Good for you! I'm always partial to people who speak their minds.

  4. I'm so new at this. I don't think I know yet what the purpose is. Right now I'm enjoying reading O.P.'s writing.
    And hoping I'm not boring people to tears.

  5. I write because it's inside me and must come out. I don't know how to stop it and if I try to slow it down it's like a sickness. My IRL people read my blog and sometimes I edit myself because of it, and sometimes they just get mad.

  6. I am not shy about the fact that I have a blog. Most people that know me know about it and many of them have read it. Sometimes...that's not such a good thing...

  7. Renee - So far, so good. You're not boring!

    Carol - I'm glad you write. It is like a sickness, isn't it?

    Karen - That seems so brave to me. I don't know how I'll get there, if I'll get there.

  8. No one I know IRL blogs except me! My friends and family know I blog, they just know they have to be extra nice to me, heh, heh!

    I do write under a pen name so people I don't want to know don't know I blog and I can rake them over the coals if I wish, I don't do that too much, though.

    I have not shared that I blog with anyone I have met since I have begun blogging. I want my privacy protected.

  9. I used to be someone who did not share easily. Seriously. I was, like, the most private and bottled-up person ever. After a breakup a few years ago, I decided I didn't want to be that stifled person anymore. And then I started blogging very honestly and openly, and so many awesome people (yourself included) came into my life. So I'd say blogging has taught me a lot about keeping an open mind -- and heart.

  10. Emily - Yeah, I've been trying hard not to be bitchy about people and gossip much much less, but it is nice to have that private space to do it when I want to.

    Alonewithcats - I heart you. And like you, I was NEVER a person who shared anything. All surface, everything is fine, no problems, nothing. I like this feeling now, of being honest. I find I do it more in my real life, too. Although I do feel like this is real life as well. So glad you are in my life!

  11. Well, I guess I'd have to say I write for my fans. And the Academy awards...I write for them too although they never return my phone calls. Uppity Bastards.
    Seriously though I think you're an amazing fab gal who should let your freak flag fly in public because it's awesome and also it would help the rest of us lunatics have some support.

  12. Tonya - The Academy is so political. It's all about nepotism. Jerks.

    Thanks for thinking I'm fab! I'm letting the flag fly more and more - I just wish I could go for it all the way.


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