Monday, May 23, 2011

You're on my list. Yes, like Nixon's Enemies List. But without all the anti-semitism.

George Stephanopoulous is a fucking tool.

I know he was heralded as some wunderkind during the time he worked for the Clintons*, and I'm sure he did a great job, but he has rubbed me the wrong way for quite some time now.  I didn't like the fact that he rode in with the Clintons and then turned around and trash talked them up and down when he left.  I'm sorry, what didn't they do for you?

And now, somehow, you've reached the pinnacle of your serious journalistic career by co-hosting Good Morning America?  Really?  You're AWESOME.

Except you're not.  You're unctuous and officious and condescending.

And then, today [o.k., not today, more like a month ago, whenever I was actually watching this], you actually compared the possibility of Sarah! Palin! running for president in 2012 with BILL CLINTON'S presidential run.

Um.  The fuck?

How about Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and actually completed his job as governor of Arkansas and is SMART and compassionate and sweet lord, really?  Do I have to go on?

So I'm done with Good Morning America. I'll just watch the local news while I do yoga.  [Yeah, I can't do yoga in peaceful, quiet surroundings.  I have to do it while being bombarded with last night's arsons and assaults and car crashes.  It IS all about balance, right?]


* Yes, blah, blah, blah about Bill & Hillary, but they actually are smart, committed people who seem to want to do right in the world. The end.  And I'm kind of hoping that in the alternate universe where Hillary was elected president, she wouldn't be fucking rolling over on extending the Bush tax cuts and keeping Gitmo open.  A girl can dream, right?  Because a truly progressive, liberal president is not going to happen, even in my dreams, so I'll take what I can get.


  1. What do you expect? When all the other kids were developing social skills in school, he was still trying to figure out how to spell "Stephanopoulous". :-)

    And don't switch to the Today Show. Jenna Bush Hager is a "reporter" on there. Though calling her that is an insult to actual reporters everywhere.

  2. I'm not American, but we get it here. Is that really a news show? I thought it was like the View. I never took it seriously and changed the channel.

  3. Every time there's even any whisper of the name SARAH PALIN I feel my whole body break out in sweaty hives.

    Seriously--can NOT understand it. Up here in Canada we all think she's DING DONG.

  4. OMG I seriously just love you. You wrote exactly what's been kicking around in my crazy mind for awhile. Thank you girl!!

    Do you think I could just wish Sarah Palin away!?!? Ugh she annoys me to NO END! Like worse than Ronald Reagan, if that is even possible. I weep thinking about her being in charge of umm...anything important. Sad sad sad.

  5. As a good ol' Arkansas girl who went to college on a Bill Clinton Governor's Scholarship, I thank you.

  6. "unctuous and officious and condescending" a phrase I need to use more often. Love it! People are really bringing it today in the blogosphere!

  7. The thing about those damn morning so called news shows is that they have people on them like George who compare Bill Clinton to (dear God I can't even say that woman's name). The man used to be intelligent, yes? Not anymore. While I appreciate once in a blue moon there is something useful, they have spiraled out of control. Case in point, the Today Show adding an extra hour...of Kathie Lee Gifford pretending to be a human. I really wish Ann Curry would move to a different gig. I love her too much and think it's shit she's on there. It's all asinine. Or, as you said, "unctuous and officious and condescending". Agree with totally awesome.

  8. I came across your blog through a mutual follower & LOVE it! I am a new follower & I am totally joining your union!
    - Jessica @

  9. unctuous is such an amazing word. and as my arkansas-native boyfriend often says, "i miss bubba."

  10. karensomethingorother: I think she can see Canada from her house, though

  11. With everything Newt going on right now, I'm truly impressed thinking back to the height of the Clinton dynasty. Newt went on and on and on and on about how immoral Big Bill was. When he was doing far worse because "he loved his country too much."


    I'm actually kind-of glad that Palin hasn't really amounted to a front-runner now that the candidates are lining up. While I like the current president, a lot, and want to see him continue, I always like to think that the best people available for the job are the ones who are in contention.

    But, then again, being able to see Russia from your house might be the single qualifying attribute for the presidency.

  12. He's dead to me. Also: Yoga in front of the morning news? You're my hero.

  13. Sing it sister. I agree with you on all counts. Again.

    p.s. I choke on my oatmeal every time Jenna Bush Hager does a "report" for the Today Show. And by "choke on my oatmeal" I mean "seethe with anger at the undeserved success heaped upon some. who are undeserving."

  14. i'm so out of the loop when it comes to current events and political people. the only thing i can contribute here is...

  15. I high-fived someone the other day when he mentioned he voted for Hillary in the primary. True story.

  16. I love you. I also love the Clintons, both of them. I'd elect Bill Clinton king of the world tomorrow. I don't care how many blow jobs he gets.


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