Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pop Quiz - It's hot and I'm tired and still have family over edition

1.  Does sending a Hallmark card actually mean you cared enough to send the very best?  Conversely, if you don't send a Hallmark card, does that mean that you just don't give a shit about the person?  At that point, should you just save your money and not send anything?

2.  Did you ever watch BJ & the Bear?  So did I!  Why?

3.  If a person keeps humming, is it acceptable to start hating them for doing so?  What if they are a child?  Show your work.

4.  If you had to drink only one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

5.  Do you ever dress your pets up in your kids' clothes? Neither do I.

6.  Would you rather watch someone clip their toenails and smell them or pick their nose and wipe it on the wall?

7.  Which do you hate more, Twilight or the devil?


  1. 1. Sending a real card as opposed to a virtual one? Either you really care, or you're trying to hit someone up for money.

    2. Um, no.

    3. Humming is annoying. Depends on age and size of child, and whether they're yours.

    4. Water. It's good for you, so I hear.

    5. Hell NO.

    6. Oh my god, neither? If I really had to choose, then nail clipping smelling I suppose. Less er, goopy.

    7. Twilight.

  2. i *heart* your pop quizzes. it fall yet?

    1. Does sending a Hallmark card actually mean you cared enough to send the very best? lol-i admit i'm a card junkie. i still send snail mail b/c i love getting snail mail. but i don't know if it means i cared "enough"

    2. Did you ever watch BJ & the Bear? honestly know but i'm laughing about a character named 'BJ'. yes, i'm immature.

    3. If a person keeps humming, is it acceptable to start hating them for doing so? NO - humming, all creeps me out

    4. If you had to drink only one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be? diet cherry pepsi - i mainline the shit

    5. Do you ever dress your pets up in your kids' clothes? i didn't even dress up my dolls ...and my parrots would have looked dumb in tutus

    6. Would you rather watch someone clip their toenails and smell them or pick their nose and wipe it on the wall? i'm vomiting right now

    7. Which do you hate more, Twilight or the devil? TWILIGHT

  3. Addendum to #6: What about if they eat them?
    Okay, everyone....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. 1. This makes my head hurt.
    2. I did watch this. It shaped who I am today.
    3. Anyone who hums is hate-able.
    4. Wine. If I need water to stay alive, then I will eat a whole shitload of watermelon everyday.
    5. No.
    6. Sorry, I was just dry heaving.
    7. Don't hate me, but in the next few days, I will be watching the third Twilight movie from my DVR list. Is it better to know that all this time went by when I didn't even realize the third one had come out because I had it confused with the second one since it all kind of blurs together? Anyways, I am a glutton for punishment and must see all of it to the end and watch them and know what the fuss is about. Or not about.

  5. I honestly can't answer question 1, but I can tell you I was freaked out to learn hallmark franchises still exist, and are still filled with all that knick nack crap- Precious Moment statues- I can feel the dust and suburbia on my fingertips already-eeeeewwww

    2. Not me, but I am having a Little House Revival. Man, Nellie Olsen is a beeyotch!

    3. There is nothing you can do about this, the world loves a hummer... Unless you choose to respond with a diabolical hum: say hum girls girls girls whenever confronted.

    4. Kenyan Coffee cut with a bold California Cabernet.

    5. Absolutely not. And I will steal that damn ceramic goose off your porch if you dress it patriotically. I will.

    6. wall is better than eating them- I am with Big Al on this one.

    7. Twilight. Twilight makes me LOVE the Devil.

  6. OK, the hummer should be shot. Right up there with whistling. They both make me want to claw my eyes out.

    And Twilight = the Devil.

  7. Let me preface this by saying I don't test well.

    1. I forget to send cards. Be happy with an email or a twitter from me.

    2. Yes, I watched it AND I went with my parents to a trucker show and BJ was there signing autographs and he KISSED MY CHEEK and I thought I would die. I was sad that Bear wasn't there, though.

    3. I hate happy humming. Hate it. I'm a curmudgeon, I admit it.

    4. Coke

    5. Hell to the no.

    6. I have a kid, so I've watched both on several occasions.

    7. Twilight...but that's probably because I AM the devil, and I dig that about myself. I will not watch a Twilight movie, nope, won't do it. Teeny bopper vampires, ugh, throwing up in my mouth right now.

  8. #1 makes me wish I were more the Martha Stewart/Emily Post kind of person who handwrites personal notes in blank cards - but I'm definitely NOT *sigh* so people should consider ANY card from me a miraculous thing.

  9. Damn you. I laughed out loud at the last one before I could stop myself. There is no good reason for me to be laughing out loud at work. Ever.

    1. Hallmark is too expensive. 99 cent cards all the way for me, baby.
    2. Will I get smacked if I say "Before my time"?
    3. Of course it is. Even if they're a child. Especially if they're a child. I am personally offended by any spontaneous display of happiness or even contentment.
    4. The real answer is the blood of my enemies. However, I'll just say water because I drink water all day long and anything else is a treat.
    5. Nope. No pet, no child. One time my brother put on my prom dress. Do I get half credit at least?
    6. I'd rather burn out my eyeballs. I actually see grosser things than this on a regular basis. Shudder.
    7. I'm a closet Twilight liker. Not lover. But liker. So I have to go with the devil.

  10. 1) Hell-to-the-no.
    2) Nope. Although it did hold a strange appeal for me.
    3) I just about smacked Twin A for humming at lunch today. True story.
    4) Coke Zero. No brainer.
    5) No. Ridic.
    6) The toenail thing. As long as there are no boogers on my walls. I get this unnerving feeling that you've witnessed both.
    7) The devil. Twilight = close second. Like a sous-devil.

  11. I had yet to see any of your pop quizzes from what I can remember. I've got four kids, your lucky I saw this post at all. I thought I had been neglecting your blog, so I opened the page and left it all day. I was busy doing something else when I saw it open, begging me to read it. I read it. Good thing too, I can't believe you asked these questions lol

    1. I'm cheap. Showing I care means you get one from Dollarama. IF I really care, I took the time to make it by hand. And my children got to help.

    2. Did you ever watch BJ & the Bear? So did I! Why? I don't recall. Anything is possible though. At that age, if my parents watched it, I did.

    3. My children get a warning, then sent to their rooms. I can't stand humming or noise for that matter. I have four, high decibals are reached in continueum.

    4. Water. You can always add something or take away something if you get sick of it. Nothing else that I know of provides that.

    5. that's just cruel. Unless it's cold outside and it's to spare their little bodies from freezing to death. And I'm talking Canada True North Winters here.

    6. Is it sad that neither of these things bother me? My children have done this and worse. Maybe if you asked about painting walls with poop.

    7. Devil. What can I say, I like Twilight. but the movies blow. The books were way better.

  12. 1. My social circle has replaced card-sending with buying each other cocktails. Way more meaningful.

    2. Uh. No. But I think that might be because I'm British.

    3. I try not to hate, but easily give in. Whether it's acceptable or not is another question.

    4. Coffee. Or a cosmopolitan. One of those.

    5. Nope - as I don't have pets or kids - WIN!

    6. Nose picking wall wiping. I have a weird thing about feet.

    7. Twilight. Without a shadow of a doubt.

  13. 1) sending a Hallmark card means that you're a lemming to marketers. Skip the card, drink a beer to thoughts of the person, and tell them abput it later.

    2) no, but that sounds like a porno for kids

    3) i think "singing with headphones on" is actually a worse crime than humming. Both are worthy of a headsmack, regardless of age.

    4) beverage? Assuming we have unlimited quantities? Chianti

    5) no. Just no.

    6) definitely the booger wiping, because you'll get a whole reminder of the grossness of you run across the booger later. The toenails are too easily forgotten

    7) Carrot Top.


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