Friday, July 1, 2011

Week in Review - Still questioning what is wrong with people. Answer? EVERYTHING.

Oh, my lovelies, how ARE you?  I'm delightful, what with my fun-filled week and the upcoming weekend of FAMILY TIME ALL THE TIME.  Please come over.  The week has been an interesting one, so let's check it out, shall we?

Evidently Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been in Cuba for the past few weeks seeking some of that excellent Communist medical care [seriously WHERE IS MY OBAMACARE?].  His supporters are praying for him to get better.  I confess, I'm a fan of Chavez's outrageous antics, just like I am of Fidel's, so to have the two of them together?  AWESOME.  Also, you know how Fidel has his brother Raul stepping up to take over?  Hugo has a brother who's got his back, too! Isn't that cool?  Hugo's brother, Adan, has stepped up and is doing PR re: Hugo's health.  I love my South American political firebrands.

France is kicking things up a notch by arming the rebels in Libya.  I'm kind of o.k. with this. I'm not a fan of fighting or war or despotism, but I'm pretty good with leveling the playing field.

In what I can only hope is going to bring some much needed levity to the upcoming election [which is STILL over a year away.  Take it down a notch, news people.], Stephen Colbert has set up a Super PAC so that he can create political ads to run on his show.  I am more than a little excited about this.

This isn't really news, but it's been bugging me:  How come it's all right when Glenn Beck and John Boehner cry like fucking babies, but when Hillary Clinton teared up while discussing her bid for the presidential nomination and her struggles as a woman, she was a pussy? An even bigger pussy than just being a woman makes her?  That still pisses me off.

In news of the Of Course He Did variety, that guy who hosts To Catch a Predator was caught on tape having an extra-marital affair.  Well, duh.  I've never actually watched the show, but for an excellent recap of the show, the douche and his diddling, check out Hate You, Probably's latest post.

These two people, Will & Kate, are visiting Canada this week. Um, Canadian blogger friends, hook a girl up with some dirt, o.k.?  Or an invitation to hang out.  Hell, why don't you snag them and come over for our 4th of July celebration?  I promise not to rub their nose in our FREEDOM! [Aside: I found some excellent decorations at the dollar store {which I loathe, because ugh, but I went to anyway, because poor} that included a screaming eagle like Stephen Colbert has on his intro.  I waffled & didn't get it, but my sister stopped in and picked it up and IT IS AWESOME so be ready for photos of how patriotic and AWESOME our party will be.  If you're too busy or cool to stop by.  Whatever.]

In more personal news, I already loved Tina Fey, but I am listening to her read her Bossypants book as an audiobook and people? I LOVE HER MORE NOW.  If you haven't read this, get it.  I'm going to get a book copy AND an audiobook because that way I can not only read it whenever I want, I can also listen to her read and pretend we're friends and are hanging out.  Shut up.  It's not that sad.

And in other news, I'm over at The Scoop on Poop, where I'm The Best Scoop of the Week today [of ice cream, not poop, don't be gross], and where I'll be guest posting on Monday.  Go on over now and see who I would be if I could be anyone for a day.  Go on.  You'll never guess who.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Anything interesting happen that I should know about?  Do you know Tina Fey and can you maybe give her my contact info?


  1. I'd missed you in my little retreat from the Internet...and I hadn't realized how much until I came back!

  2. Well at least they didn't catch that predator guy with a minor (or was she?) then his life would have come full circle. What an ultra-maroon.

  3. Family time, all the time, ugh. I hear ya. I love my family to death but in June when my kids get up late and then stare at me waiting for me to entertain them makes me want to get a job. GET A JOB, OMG! Like I would ever do that. Great to check in with you. You're fab.

  4. boys can't handle it when women cry, so they have to denigrate it. when men cry, it's a badge of "LOOK! I'M SENSITIVE TOO! SEE? THERE'S WATER COMING FROM MY EYES!"

    grr. it's enough to make you wanna join a radical wymynist collective or something. except for the fact that i enjoy boys on some levels, that is...

  5. This is my 3rd weekend in a row with family and OMF stfu. After this I'm done with them (hopefully) til August.

    I loved Bossypants on my nook but I can't share the awesomeness & that makes me sad. Is TF reading it in the audiobook? I'll bet she'd be fun at Zingerman's. If I won a date with her, i'd take you along.

  6. I have to get Bossypants! I love Tina Fey - can you invite us both over to lunch so we can laugh at the crying men because in my opinion that is bullshit.

  7. I've heard a lot about the fabulous Tina Fey book - that's it, you've convinced me to go out and get it.

    As for the Libyan news - oy. My husband's family is Libyan, so....OY.

  8. Okay. I'm coming over.

    (seriously. you invited me. no take backs.)

    p.s. Sorry I'm not too cool. By a long shot.

  9. Images of you sitting listening to Tina surrounded by ice cream with your big eagle decorations in the background are going to get me through this grossly hot long weekend where we are too poor to go anywhere fun.

  10. I'll be there. With one of those strawberry, blueberry flag cakes. I'm nothing if not patriotic. Bruce Springsteen is my date. Oh yeah, that gets your attention. I wish it were true. Bruce Springsteen would totally come if he could, and we would set up a makeshift stage over your pool (just one end), and then when he sings "Born in the USA", he would pull you and me out of the other end of the pool to dance with you, except I won't be in the pool because I don't do them, so I would just be on the side, so jealous, and it would be just you. But he's going home with me. Well, me and the redhead, mostly the redhead and I'll be following in an unmarked car. I hope it is unmarked. Wow, I've shared too much. Again.
    Happy 4rth, my friend. I agree with you about Hillary. The sad thing is that even most women don't seem to like a strong woman. Especially an emotional strong woman. It's like the black fly in your chardonnay, no?

  11. I bought the Bossypants book for my friend for her birthday and neglected to read it first - why didn't I read it first? Let's stalk Tiny Fey together.

  12. This is the part where I should tell you about my favorite part of "Bossypants" but that's impossible because all the parts are my favorite. Parts!

  13. I love how we have this reading connection... I just checked that book out on Saturday & I finished it Sunday - love her! (& you, of course)


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