Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday means never having to actually have a theme to your post.


Live and learn, right?

Andygirl and I are the awesome people behind the Raw Photos Contest.  It's a monthly contest where you, the lucky photographer, gets to submit up to 2 un-photoshopped photos based on a theme.

Well, we fucked this one up.

The theme we picked - Back to School - was way too narrow.  So we only got two entries. Whoops!  What Andygirl and I decided is that we'll give a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to LizzyDanger and Teejayphotography for entering.

And start again next month.

Starting October 1st, for one week, you can submit your photos on the much more inclusive topic: AUTUMN WHERE YOU LIVE.  What's fall look like in your neck of the woods?  I think it's supposed to be in the 80s here next week.  Bullshit.  I want to wear my sweaters and go out and NOT SWEAT.  It's not a lot to ask.

Wait.  Where was I?

Oh, so, in a nutshell:
  • Thanks for entering in September, LizzyDanger and Teejayphotography
  • October's theme is AUTUMN WHERE YOU LIVE
  • Start submitting October 1st for one week
Ok? Ok!

I am for sure, probably, yes, for sure, going to harm the ice cream truck that is still fucking around in my neighborhood.  I swear, it's not an ice cream truck.  It's either some creeper who's stalking someone in the neighborhood or it's the FBI doing surveillance. 

Doesn't matter.  I still hate them.

My parents just rented their house [which they could not sell - fab market!] so they moved all the stuff out.  One of the things I found was my high school senior yearbook.  I look awesome.  The girl is in love with the fabulous 80s fashions. I am enjoying the fact that I don't see any of those people any more.

Actually, the more important thing I found was a giant frame, so I can FINALLY make the necklace hanging frame I've been coveting for so long from Pottery Barn.

Gorgeous, right? But $49 and only in white.  

My frame is one of those cool old ornate frames and it's GIANT, which is perfect because I have yet to hang any of the artwork in my bedroom after we painted it.  Six years ago.  God. I am losing Martha Points left and right here.

Although, if I make the necklace frame, I'll definitely come out ahead, particularly since I'm starting at a deficit of being impatient and uber-cranky when things don't go my way.  I'm fun to be around when I'm doing stuff!  Call me!

Speaking of home-y type things, I am the world's worst person when it comes to recipes.  You know all those blogs, where people will say, "Oh, I made the most delicious stuffed chicken and wild rice and asparagus with cheese sauce.  Here are the recipes!"  And you go, huh. Delicious. And also, I should do that with the recipes I make.  You know, to branch out what I write about.  And have a ready made topic! So I don't end up with a post [or too many] where it's just random blurbings.

Or you'll give someone something, say some cookies, and they ask you for the recipe and you go sure! I'll email it to you!  And then you hope they forget because:

I don't measure when I cook. 

I'll measure when I bake and I'm following a recipe. 

But not when I cook.  Then, it's all about - add some.  A bunch.  A tiny bit.

And I do that when I'm baking and I'm amending a recipe.  Oatmeal cookies?  Well, I'll just add all sorts of stuff.  And not measure! And then make up measurements and hope it actually works out when the person you gave the recipe to makes them.  I haven't heard to the contrary, so I'm going to assume that things are still delicious.  

I have to say, I'm really surprised to find that Gwyneth K. Paltrow is not going to be in the movie version of The Help.  But perhaps that would be a suckfest of such epic proportions that the world would tilt off its axis and we'd go careening into the sun.

Yeah.  That's probably it.


  1. I swear we might be the same person. I could not be happier that I don't see anyone from high school anymore either.

    Boo on Gwynie (yes they call her that) being in The Help.

  2. "call me!" snort. I totally do that. god I love you.

  3. Cecelia - We are most excellent, are we not?

    Andygirl - Love you, too!

  4. oh god i never ever want to look at my highschool yearbook

  5. I don't measure when I cook. This becomes a particular issue whenever I'm cooking rice because, uncooked, it never looks like enough. After 10 minutes in boiling water, I need another freaking pan.

    I never learn.

  6. Paige - I just don't get it? Why relive those years? And don't even get me started on reunions. Ugh.

    Jo - Mmmm . . . rice. I love rice. It's so tasty. Oh. Wait. That wasn't the point. Yeah. I never learn, either.


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