Friday, June 10, 2011

Week in Review - Sometimes you have to wonder about this world we live in.

I have to say, your answers to yesterday's completely scientific psychological profile questionnaire made my heart sing.  I feel much better being on your good sides.

In the spirit of sharing, I'll let you know that:

1.  I pee.  In the lake.  Sometimes in the pool.  I'm SORRY.  I have to go.

2.  BUTTER. Or Caramel. 

3.  I know I shouldn't, but I do find myself wishing ill upon people.  And then immediately trying to take it back, because, you know, I don't want karma to kick my ass.

4.  Right now, that would be Come on Irene.  I HATE THAT SONG. 

5.  Diet Coke.  How I miss you. 

6.  TRUE.

And now, on to the news of the week:

Anthony Weiner finally copped to showing his junk.  And then held a tearful press conference where, to his credit, he did NOT make his wife stand by his side.  I have to say, I'm no fan of uninvited pictures of people's privates, but as a scandal, this seems pretty tame.  He didn't have sex with his twitter gals, there's no surprise 15 year old kid, and there are no diapers involved [honest to god, Louisianna, David Fucking Vitter RE-ELECTED? I get Laissez les bon temps rouler, but COME ON.].

Something weird is happening in Australia - the entire country is BOOZING LESS. Yes, evidently drinking levels are at a 62 year low.  What's up, Australia? Did you ALL hit rock bottom at the same time?  Is is Ramadan? Or Lent? Or is everyone doing some GP approved cleanse? WHAT IS GOING ON? Australia + Drunkeness = Match Made in Heaven!

In Montreal, people were injured in a protest of a police shooting.  Huh.  Anti-violence protesters  went to the site where two people, one an innocent bystander, were killed.  And then they went nuts and started smashing windows and overturned an outdoor portable toilet [eeewww. Why are you touching that, protesters?].  Go figure.  Canada is becoming Americanized.

In Argentina, an ash cloud from the Puyehue volcano is covering much of the country.  And Argentina's president said, yeah, the problems are just going to be psychologicalNo worries.  Just like how in Japan, it's now been ascertained that the radiation levels in Fukushima were misstated.  As being half as high as what they actually were.  Um.  I'm pretty sure that anytime anything bad happens, you shouldn't listen to the people in charge.  They're going to lie to you.  I mean, I'm no scientist, but even I know inhaling ash or a reactor exploding is probably not good for you.

And speaking of scientists:  Scientists trap anti-matter!  HOW FUCKING AWESOME!  We can now kind of almost make the world implode! SCORE!

What have you got for me, my lovelies?  What's new?  What did I miss?


  1. Well,I must cancel any pipe dream plans about moving Down Under. Think I would blow their drinking stats out of the water. No shrimp on the barbie for me...

    And I think the major effect of the Volcano eruption is going to be how to was out such massive quantities of soiled pants. There are some freaking awesome pics floating around out there showing it shooting lava into the air as it created its own lightening storm above it. Pure insanity. My shorts would be soaked.


  2. Well, you might have missed the fact that actually, Mr Weiner's junk made it online somewhere. Apparently the guy who ratted him out, was not going to release his junk picture and decided to show it to some people at a radio show and these people had a hidden cam and thus, the raw junk has been revealed.

    Other than that, we're dying of heat exhaustion in NY and it reeks of hell too.

  3. Hugh Jackman and Keith Urban are never gonna sleep with me if there is no booze involved. :(

    I'll bring you Diet Coke, I'm not going swimming in a pool with you (Ok, yes I am, but it felt good to say it LOL)

    and A Wiener is a such a douche, I mean be a man, fuck the women you're tweeting...

  4. Ok, I had to click on your link for that Vitter guy because I've never heard of him.....and now I'm just gonna go have myself a good cry for the human race.

    And a drink.

  5. I usually agree with you, but on the Weiner part, I beg to differ, as diapers will soon be involved once his wife gives birth.

    His actions as a U.S. Congressman are pretty disgraceful.

    A little disappointing you give this dude a complete pass just because he's a Democrat...

  6. Well, Miss Suniverse:
    How about THIS??

    GwynethPaltrow Gwyneth Paltrow
    This is my first Tweet!
    1 Jun


    Guess who joined twitter Jun 1?

    Now. Go. Follow her and harass the heck out of her.

    It would feel so good.

  7. Wanna make money? Try making art with cabbage. For realz.

    Yes please harass Gwyneth Paltrow!

  8. I have to tell you ... I LOVE "Come On Irene." Love it. I'm so sorry.

  9. Firstly, it's Come on EILEEN. Bless your cotton socks.

    Secondly, you didn't read the article carefully: "Beer consumption dropped to 62-year lows" - but wine and spirit consumption at an all time high!!! Don't worry, our culture of rampant ignorance, small mindedness, racism, violence and debauchery is still alive and well - and you're all welcome down here any time!

    Love and love, Sarah xxx

  10. Seriously, I learn something from every Week In Review. But I'm really disturbed by the Australia stats. Something's amiss.

    Also, peeing in pools - heehee - who DOESN'T do that?

  11. I don't care if Weiner shares naughty photos online but don't lie about it. He knew that it wasn't a good idea & he got busted. Be a man, yep I did it so what? I think it is a big deal because of his last name.

  12. i have no explanation for how vitter got reelected after that. charlie melancon, who ran against him last time, was amazing. i campaigned for him. (i was a DC voter when i was in law school, so i didn't vote in louisiana, sadly.) i can't explain it for the life of me...

  13. So, YES to "Come on Louisiana" and NO to "Come on EILEEN".

    Got it.

    And also, I'd still gladly swim with you.

    We could even try to make up for Austalia's abysmal performance by drinking cocktails in the hot tub.

    I'm pretty sure that kind of dehydration is good for you.

    Or at least no worse than inhaling volcanic ash.

  14. Figures that Australia would stop drinking before I've had a chance to visit.


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